Lightyear: Why doesn’t Tim Allen appear in the movie?

If you see “Toy Story” As the franchise grows, you’ll see how your favorite astronaut, Buzz Lightyear, sounds when he says the catchphrase of his signature. What makes “Toy Story” timeless is the dedication that Disney and Pixar have devoted to their iconic characters over the past 27 years. However, “Light Year” The new day before will be released in June, but the buzz doesn’t sound exactly the same.Instead of the symbolic voice of Tim Allen, Chris Evans speaks to his beloved astronaut candidate, A decision that made some fans spiral infinitely and beyond. So why isn’t Tim Allen in “Light Year”? Search the galaxy and see why Buzz Lightyear is allowed to make different sounds this time around.

As most fans know, Buzz Lightyear is voiced by Allen through all four franchise films. In many respects, Allen feels like the only Buzz Lightyear because she’s the voice that kids and adults automatically think when watching a movie in “Toy Story.” When the news came out in October The fans looked angry, hurt, and confused. @KayAmity wrote on Twitter: “Have a phone … Buzz Lightyear movie is coming out, isn’t @ofctimallen a buzz?!?!” “There seems to be no sign of intellectual life anywhere.” But others Person provided a brief explanation. Both meet the evolving theory behind “Lightyear” and what will happen to the world of “Toy Story” that will appeal to a new generation of fans in 2022.

Fans remember one scene from the original “Toy Story” that took this betrayal idea from a different perspective. Woody and Buzz had a lot of discussion before they became lifelong friends. Do you remember the scene where they were stuck in a gas station parking lot after falling out of Andy’s parents’ car? “You. Are. A. Toys!” Woody shouts with anger at Buzz. “You are not a real Buzz Lightyear! You are an action figure! You are a child’s plaything!”

So what does that have to do with “light-years”? Simply put, the “Toy Story” movie tells the story of Buzz Lightyear, but the buzz we fell in love with is just a toy. With that logic in mind, fans believe that Allen is the voice of the “toy” of Buzz Lightyear and Evans represents the actual Buzz Lightyear.

LIGHTYEAR, Buzz Lightyear (voice: Chris Evans), 2022.Walt Disney Studios Movies / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Light-year” is said to be the origin story of Buzz, Space cadets depicted in early release photos and teaser trailers This is a real deal. In other words, the astronaut who influenced the action figure of Buzz Lightyear in the world of “Toy Story”. This theory makes a good distinction between the original movie and the previous day without a direct connection, allowing Disney and Pixar to give Buzz a different identity in the new decade.

So while you can’t hear Allen replaying his role, “Light Year” is those 90’s kids (and Recognize David Bowie’s song in the latest trailer) Provides a true story of Buzz and a “Toy Story” entrance to the universe for the younger generation. Knowing that Buzz Lightyear can continue to shine outside the world of toys should comfort fans who want more “toy story” nostalgia in their lives in 2022!

Lightyear: Why doesn’t Tim Allen appear in the movie?

Source link Lightyear: Why doesn’t Tim Allen appear in the movie?

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