Lil Duval says receiving T-Mobile saved him from getting lost in the ocean

Now people should be familiar with the cutting up of Lil Duval On twitter!!He drops jokes, cultural commentary, experience His old lady And sometimes even “what’s now” type stories. But recently he shared what would be a real nightmare for many (including those who brought you these words!).

“Last week, I was sitting here thinking I was really lost in the ocean, but if I didn’t receive T-mobile, I was still floating somewhere in the ocean.” Lil Duval tweeted March 11.

Where did Lil Duval go?

He also shared an 18 second video. In the clip, the viewer can see the boat pulling the jet ski behind. The exact location of Lil Duval is unknown, but he has identified the authorities concerned as Bahamans.

“I’m the guy who stabbed the guy in the sea here,” Duval said while removing the camera. “Thanks God to the Bahamian police and these people and their boats for finding me and came to help me. I would have been truly ridiculous.

A DJ by Twitter handle @DjFred_Eddison replied to the comedian, “I don’t know why you were so far away.”

“I was on my little little island,” replied Lil Duval. “I always do that.”

Lil Duval didn’t provide any further details about how exactly he got lost. The towing seen in the video may presume that the jet ski had a mechanical failure.

T-Mobile gets props

Duval disagreed when another user suggested that T-Mobile shouldn’t be offered a free promotion. He wrote, “I got it and saved my life.”

Lil Duval too Retweet the GIF It suggests that T-Mobile should feel overwhelming about its free bragging rights.

And people were still asking questions about his distance in the big blue sea. Twitter user @DannyDTaken asked, “Why are you skiing on your personal watercraft so far ??”

“You have to live there to understand,” Duval replied.

And for those with this ongoing criticism, Duval dropped a clip showing why he was on the ski! The 29-second video begins with a medium shot of Duval on a jet ski, after which the video slowly pans out to show the clear blue waters.

“Without you, you really aren’t alive Almost died “Several times in my life,” Duval later tweeted. “I have 7 days.”

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Lil Duval says receiving T-Mobile saved him from getting lost in the ocean

Source link Lil Duval says receiving T-Mobile saved him from getting lost in the ocean

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