Lil Nas X unveils Dolly Parton cover at BBCR1 live lounge

Lil Nas X, Also known as, now everyone’s favorite artist, has arrived on the iconic BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge stage. The singer performed the hit single and the album’s title track “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” along with the album’s two special tracks, “Dead Right Now” and “That’s What I Want.”

As most veteran rye brown jars know, the surprise cover was one of the most anticipated parts of a live lounge performance, and the choice of Lil Nas X wasn’t disappointing.The singer, who added a completely unique twist to the ultimate classic, decided to cover “Jolene” by the Queen of the Country. Dolly Parton.. “I chose this song because it feels so sad. I like the little country tongs, so I thought,’I’ll give it a try,'” said Lil Nas X about his song selection. Told.The cover was easy and showed off his vocal range perfectly, and to be honest, it may still be our favorite song (sorry, from Adrianna). 90210).

The singer then kept talking His explosive music video And his dream collaboration (spoiler note: it’s Rihanna, He also made fun of potential collaborations Rizzo), And he even cleared up rumors about that Baby shower gift from former US President Barack Obama. Apparently it happened, and the gift consisted of applesauce, nice clothes and baby powder.

The LGBTQ + icon singer said, “I feel good, but I think I’m taking everything with a grain of salt. Still, I’m grateful that people see me as such an inspiration. It’s like living my life by ensuring that people continue to see me as an inspiration. ā€¯Watch Lil Nas X’s live lounge performance.

Lil Nas X unveils Dolly Parton cover at BBCR1 live lounge

Source link Lil Nas X unveils Dolly Parton cover at BBCR1 live lounge

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