Lil Uzi Vert throws a ball into a Birkin bag from McLaren in 2022 on JT’s birthday

Roommates confirmed on Friday that JT celebrated another trip around the sun and her bay Lil Uzi Vert felt she was loved!Posts are not very frequent Pair relationship, JT took the time to thank her men for celebrating her big day. From McLaren in 2022 to the Birkin bag, here’s how Lil Woozy put out the ball on a woman’s 29th birthday:

“My birthday was so perfect! He knows the atmosphere because dinner and my baby rented an amusement park for me,” JT said at 3:00 am the day after her birthday. I wrote about it.


The City Girls rapper expressed excitement in a video of her watching a new whip. JT gladly laughed and screamed behind the lens while the maggots were trying to dodge the camera. In the recording, JT walked the viewer from the front of her black McLaren to the driver’s side.

According to the McLaren Charlotte website 2022 McLaren You can run someone over $ 300,000.

“I’m in love very much,” JT tweeted on her birthday. “I didn’t expect it to happen. I’m pinching myself.”

She followed up on that tweet and posted another tweet that directly addressed Uzi and his surprises.

“I’m screaming, uziiiiiiiiwtf I didn’t expect this,” JT wrote.

Birkin bag

But that wasn’t the only luxury gift Lil Uzi gave to JT. The artist also got the latest luxury trendy Birkin bag for 2021. The expensive beauty features a crocodile-like handle and a trim on the top of the purse. The fixture is gold and the rest of the body features a dark navy blue color.

Private amusement park night

In addition to the gift of ingredients, Uzi also confirmed that JT had a little fun on her day! The rapper reportedly rented out the entire amusement park for JT, himself, and other invited guests. On Saturday, he shared some flicks of their time in the park and showed him and JT on two separate park rides.

According to TMZ, Uzi Secured Nickelodeon Studio Park Embark on a night adventure at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. This gesture reportedly cost Uzi about $ 50,000.

Dinner with two gorgeous flowers

To conclude JT’s 29th birthday, Uzi remembered two of the most classic gifts anyone could receive. The rapper presented his woman with an arrangement of two large bouquets and a dinner that looked like everything on the menu. Both of them shared the photo of that moment to their Instagram account.

One flower arrangement spells “I love UJT (as a heart)” in white and blue roses in various shades. The other arrangement was a huge bouquet of pink roses. Near the photo of the pink roses was also a small round cake covered with white frosting and the word “Happy Birthday JT”.

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Lil Uzi Vert throws a ball into a Birkin bag from McLaren in 2022 on JT’s birthday

Source link Lil Uzi Vert throws a ball into a Birkin bag from McLaren in 2022 on JT’s birthday

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