Lindsay Lohan shares correct name pronunciation on TikTok

After all, we have pronounced Lindsay LohanThe name was wrong all the time! At her TikTok debut on February 7, the 35-year-old star introduced herself on the platform. “Hello everyone Lindsay Lohan And what do you guess?Now I’m on TikTok, “she says in a 5-second clip, but that’s how she emphasizes. Loen Instead of the “o” that shakes the fans from the bottom of their hearts. “I thought it was Lo HAAAN,” a user commented on Rohan’s introductory video. Another user wrote, “I’m sorry to say that your name is wrong throughout my life.” Check out the video below!

Just a few days ago Rohan recreates a symbolic moment from the 1998 “Parent’s Trap”. She played the twins Harry and Annie Parker. After parting at birth, they discovered each other’s existence in a summer camp. “Yes, do you want to know our difference? I have a class, but you aren’t,” she says as her characters Harry and Annie, respectively. Saturday.

In November 2021, Rohan announced on Instagram to 10 million followers: She and her boyfriend Bader Shammas got engaged.. “My love. My life. My family. My future. @ Bader.shammas # love💍” she captioned her photo of her snuggling up to her shamma. Show off her engagement ring..Earlier this month Rohan became open about her wedding Plan and tell Extra that she is taking a “modest” approach. “It’s okay on my birthday because I want to make sure everyone else is fine, so I’ll be more like that,” she said. “I’m looking at my destination. I’ve already started talking to my friends about dresses,” Rohan continued. “But I want to do things right and adjust everything, but it’s an exciting time. I’m so girly …”

Lindsay Lohan shares correct name pronunciation on TikTok

Source link Lindsay Lohan shares correct name pronunciation on TikTok

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