Link ups with Jayda Cheaves, Teyana Taylor, Normani and more

gworlz appeared last night, 2021 Met Gala.. It fell in New York City, and some of you were attending an afterparty where it really fell. Megan Thee Stallion, Regina Carter, Teyana Taylor, Normani, and Jada Cheves were some of the captives, all of whom looked brilliant and served lewd!

Jada didn’t attend the official gala, but announced her presence at the afterparty. She always understood the assignment and looked like a trophy in a short set of gold blazer. Combined with blonde hair, white nails and a platinum Cuban link necklace, Jada definitely turned some heads. This was the first time many had seen her linked to Teyana Taylor, and the two definitely seemed to have the ball.

Teyana brought the same energy to the after-party from the Gala carpet. She turned into a more relaxed trench coat fit, and her stylist EJ King captured those moments all night. Jada and Teyana take pictures, dance and rap in a black Mercedes-Benz sprinter. EJ took his work seriously and seized every fun moment.

They weren’t the only ones having fun. Reginae also participated and looked very cute with the plaid Balmain two-piece set. She also became intimate and personal when she accepted Normani. She shared that moment in an Instagram story. Yal knows it’s not a party if the hot girl herself isn’t there. Megan Thee Stallion was out wearing a fitted gold dress showing off her curves. She took a little time to twist before being swept away by her guards.

Roommates, what did you think of these after the party was over?

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Link ups with Jayda Cheaves, Teyana Taylor, Normani and more

Source link Link ups with Jayda Cheaves, Teyana Taylor, Normani and more

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