Lions at Zagreb Zoo catch COVID from zookeepers

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Authorities said Wednesday that two lions at Zagreb Zoo were COVID-19 positive contracted by their zookeepers.

These are the first confirmed cases of this disease. Zoo animals In Croatia, a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture said.

Laboratory tests of samples taken from two animals after the onset of symptoms of the disease confirmed that they had COVID-19, it said.

Big cat receiving medical careAccording to zoo director Dummy Skok, he caught the infection from the zookeeper, who was subsequently tested positive.

“Not only the zookeeper, but also (lion’s) Leo and Ayana are fine.

“They sometimes sneeze and cough,” he told the local media.

Zoo visitors cannot get the coronavirus from the lion because the lion is behind a glass fence, he added.

Other animals cared for by the zookeeper will also be tested for COVID-19 and the test results will soon be excluded.

In September, several US zoos, including a zoo in Washington, animal After a bout of illness between them, it is easy to get infected with COVID-19.

Croatia, which has some of the lowest immunization rates in Europe, is currently facing a record surge in coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic.

Respiratory diseases kill more than 10,000 people in 4.2 million countries.

Lions in Singapore Wildlife Park infected with coronavirus

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Lions at Zagreb Zoo catch COVID from zookeepers

Source link Lions at Zagreb Zoo catch COVID from zookeepers

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