Listen to the Bel Air soundtrack

Never rap while watching “I was born and raised in West Philadelphia”.Bel Air’s Fresh Prince“” rebootHowever, there is still a lot of music to get along with you. Peacock’s “Bel Air,”starring Java Banks Like Will, it adds a dark twist to the situation that took Will from Philadelphia to Bel Air — and it has music that matches the weight of the series. The premiere episode is J. It starts with Cole’s “no role model” and has the line “First of all, sleep peacefully, Uncle Phil”. It plays “Fresh Prince” OG Uncle Phil and nods to the late James Avery, who died in 2013.

Then, during Will’s basketball match with Philadelphia gang member Rashad, the music gets even better. The game gets fierce and Will is arrested. Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) Will be able to rescue him thanks to his political ties, and Will’s mother sends him to live in Bel Air for his own safety.

The dramatic restart has received various reviews, but the soundtrack — J. Cole, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, And a tribe called Quest — not non-negligible. Keep reading the complete list of songs (so far).

Listen to the Bel Air soundtrack

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