Loki: What is the existence of Nexus?

If you need more evidence that the Marvel Universe is moving to the Multiverse, Disney + Miniseries Loki literally, Time Variance Authority, The keeper of all cosmic timelines.One of the core concepts is “Nexus”, which first appeared WandavisionThis will finally give you a better explanation of What is Nexus And why do we absolutely have to care?

So Loki To explain, a nexus event is defined by the TVA as a moment of a “sacred timeline” (that is, a master timeline that should occur in all universes), creating an alternative branch that opposes “assumed” Will be done. The instigators of these events are called variants, and obviously, Loki itself is one such variant.This version of Loki Avengers / Endgame Instead of being captured by the Avengers and sent back to Asgard, he grabbed the tesseract at a moment of chaos and a wormhole. That moment is a nexus event. This is because it creates a new branch of the timeline differently than the original timeline.

Nexus events are one thing, but what about Nexus Being?They are not dealt with directly Loki (At least not yet) But they are on our radar Wandavision. one of The iconic “commercial” of that show It features an advertisement for a drug called Nexus. At the time, it seemed like a hint of how the West View world “rotated” around Wanda, but it’s also a reference to something from the cartoon, where Wanda is Nexus Being. , Being particularly associated with the Multiverse, which has enough power to influence probability and future (there should be one for each reality).

I haven’t heard much about Nexus Being on the screen, but it seems likely that it will be announced at some point. Given that we seem to be heading for a conflict involving the Multiverse, the nexus idea itself is probably central.

Loki: What is the existence of Nexus?

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