London on da Track says Summer Walker has kept infants away for months

Summer Walker couldn’t stand it while recently blasting her ex-boyfriend and daughter’s father, London Onda Truck!The singer took her to her Instagram story with the included rant Labeling in London “The worst BD on the planet.” Shortly thereafter, Summer deleted the post.rear Shade room Sharing the words of summer, London jumped into the comments section with some criticism.

“You’re annoyed just to know that you get on this net and behave as if you didn’t hold my kid hostage for two months,” London writes.

London and summer welcomed my daughter’s bubble March 2021, After their romantic relationship is publicly over. This exchange is not the first time Summer has criticized London’s parent-child trends. In July 2021, she claimed to be the full caretaker of the bubble while London appeared with a photo present.Similar criticism came in August Again in december..

Summer says the bubbles were injured while taking care of London

summer Don’t waste time responding To accusation of hostages in London. She counterattacked with her long reply, claiming that London wanted a photo shoot.The Still more The artist also said that his daughter Bubbles had previously suffered several injuries while caring for his father.

“hostage [laughing face emoticon] The first time I took her “hostage” was when I got my child back, she was covered in a rash from head to toe and you didn’t say a word, I don’t know until I changed her I didn’t, “Natsu wrote. “Then she returned with a bruise on her head. Then she got a burn on her arm …”

Summer also wrote that she continued to “cite the Bubbles as a hostage of citations” after London broke the agreement. She said she agreed that London would visit the bubble at the ATL for four days. Instead, he hired someone to transport her to Los Angeles without telling her her trip to the summer. She said one mother did not answer the phone in London while her daughter was out of state, but she threatened not to bring her back.

“Cut sh * t. It’s scary to leave the kids with you because you don’t see them, weirdos,” Summer writes. “You take your gram photos and leave them to everyone.”

In her post, Summer scattered several threats regarding evidence that London wasn’t reaching out to see the bubble. Her mother said London had proposed to pick up the bubble this weekend. However, he allegedly refused the offer and instead requested a visit to his Father’s Day.

“‘Annoying AF’ is that every time I get her back, she’s in a worse condition than when you got her back,” Summer writes. “It’s always some sh * t.”

London says summer is avoiding court because of her daughter’s diet

Producer used again In the shade room A comment section condemning the summer reaction. He said the summer wasn’t over yet and he was consistently blocking him to protect him from the bubble. According to London, there is thus a reason to call him a deadbeat on the internet in the summer.

“I keep trying to take you to court, but you’re eating vegan food for our babies, so I keep begging me not to do that,” he added. rice field.

Father also shared screenshots TSR Suspicion of outgoing messages for the summer from April 18th to May 17th. From its appearance, the first summer response to his inquiry about seeing and talking about bubbles came on May 18th.

Last summer, it became a hot topic after posting a photo of an uncovered bottle of a little daughter next to hemp seeds, honey, mushrooms and a blender. In addition, the apparent underweight of the bubble in the photos posted in the summer indicates that the baby is associated with online users.

Before becoming a mom, Natsu got a backlash online by calling her parents Use infant formula “strange.”

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London on da Track says Summer Walker has kept infants away for months

Source link London on da Track says Summer Walker has kept infants away for months

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