Looking to Reduce Waste at Home? These Tips Will Help!

Here’s a concerning fact, an average American throws away more than 1000 pounds worth of household garbage to landfills or incinerators each year. In addition, landfills and incinerators release harmful greenhouse gases and toxins that pose a significant risk to human health and destroy wildlife habitats.

Sounds scary, right?

Fortunately, we can make a difference. There are many ways to cut down on household waste. With a bit of planning and consideration, it is possible to reduce household waste and significantly decrease the environmental impact.

Here are some easy methods to minimize the amount of waste you generate at your home. Take a look.

Reuse and Recycle Items at Home

You can reuse many household items to reduce waste. Some of the common items you can reuse at home include:


Batteries thrown in a garbage dump release toxic materials and cause pollution. There are libraries and post offices branches that have drop-off programs for  recycling.

Light Bulbs

CFL bulbs are contaminated with trace quantities of mercury. They should not be thrown in the garbage or the recycling bins. Instead, you should use drop-off facilities offered by stores like Home Depot and IKEA to ensure that they are safely handled.

Disposable Cups

Plastic and paper cups are accepted by curbside recycling programs. Clean the cups once they have been used, and allow them to dry before placing them into the recycling bin.

Tips to Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste in the Kitchen

Packaging and food waste are two of the kitchen’s most significant household garbage sources. Shopping for groceries alone could be a substantial source of waste, especially if you double-bag items at check out.

Here is what you can do to reduce kitchen waste:

Reduce Bathroom Waste

Your bathroom is a major source of household garbage. Here is how to reduce bathroom waste:

Reduce Home Office Waste

It is crucial to reduce home office waste like shredded papers, printed documents, and outdated calendars. Here is what you can do:

You can also contact Aaa rousse Junk Removal in Sarasota to declutter your home office. A good junk removal company can ensure a smooth de-cluttering of your entire home, from furniture to appliances.

Reduce Clothing Waste

We recommend giving your old clothes to the local Goodwill. But if the clothes are in disrepair, the store will probably get rid of them. You can contact local charities which will accept your old clothes and turn them into something brand new.

Make the Most of Your Backyard

Build a compost heap in the backyard to recycle leaves, lawn clippings, twigs, and plants from your lawn.

Instead of relying on the sprinkler system, use the rainwater storage container to collect and store water for your garden. If your sprinkler is already in place, use an irrigation controller with rainwater sensors to prevent excessive water usage.

Final Word

Although achieving zero waste at home is a daunting task, following the tips mentioned above will certainly help.

Good luck!


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