Lottery: Difference between Lottery, Betting, and Gambling

Often, people confuse lottery with betting and gambling. And they tend to use the terms interchangeably. For instance, you will hear people say that “Joe finally won the big prize of KBC Lucky Draw after years of gambling on that game of chance.” While KBC is a lottery game, it is quite different from gambling and betting. The truth is, all three items are games of chance. And although most casinos and websites operate them all together, there is a significant difference between them. Here, we will shed some light and differentiate them. Read through to note the difference.


This is purely a game of luck whereby the players do not need any knowledge about the game. Also, participants do not play against the house or each other. Here, you buy a lottery ticket(s) with a particular number or series of numbers that you believe are your lucky numbers. There are no predictions, analyses, or participation in the gaming action. Usually, the outcomes are determined by the lottery machine during lucky draws. Therefore, there is no chance of the organizers to alter or determine the winner. Also, the organizers do not participate in the lottery games.

The machine selects random winning numbers. If your lotto numbers match the selected number, you get to win the predetermined prize. Usually, winning tickets are limited. Thus chances of hitting the jackpot are also minimal. However, in some forms of lottery, winnings are determined by the number of participants.

Mostly, lotteries are used as a fundraiser, unlike in betting and gambling – forms of business. Governments and private organizations create the game and predetermine the amount to be won on the grand draw. Tickets with random numbers are then sold –at a low cost to entice as many people as possible to participate.


Gambling is also a game of luck. However, gambling requires strategy and knowledge about the games concerned. The term gambling refers to wagering real money or an item of value with anticipation of winning lump-sum. Usually, people use the term to refer to participating in casino games.

In casino gambling, your chances of winning are determined by your skills. However, in some casino games – such as slots, winning is more dependent on luck as players interact with machines only. Here, participants compete against the host casino or other gamblers. The winnings depend on the amount you gamble – the higher the amount you stake, the higher your winnings. It is, however, good to note that gambling riskier than lottery and betting. It is also an extremely addictive gameas it involves higher incentives.

Gambling is considered a recreational activity. It is also a form of business. There are strict rules that govern gambling in most states – in some, and gambling is prohibited.


Betting is closely related to gambling. However, the term is commonly used to refer to staking real money or valuables against predictions on sports or field games’ outcomes – it is mostly used in outdoor gaming. Participants predict possible outcomes on particular match(es). If the predictions come true, they get to win lumpsums. The amount of winnings depends on the amount staked.

Chances of winning from betting are more dependent on research and analysis and less onluck. Here, participants do not engage directly in the concerned games. The bettors compete against the house (the betting site). Therefore, chances of winning are determined by third-party players. However, participants are usually in control of almost everything concerned starting from deciding on the amount to stake to choosing the matches they will bet on, hence higher chances of winning. Also, bettors are allowed to participate they have bet on.


Becoming a KBC Lottery Winner is significantly different from hitting a casino jackpot. Although most casinos, especially online casinos, host all forms of gambling – lottery, betting, and casino gambling, it is good to note that there isa significant difference between them. In a lottery, the amount staked does not determine the amount you win, unlike in sports betting and casino gambling. The best thing about the lottery is that you stand a chance to win enormously regardless of staking your loose change. Betting and gambling, on the other hand, require staking high to win big. They also require skills to win enormously.

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