Louisiana’s online sportsbook shows a significant drop in revenue in April

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Data from Louisiana Game Regulatory Commission The state’s online sportsbook reveals a significant decline in earnings in April as the amount of sporting activity began to decline.

Pelican’s online sportsbook recorded a handle of $ 186 million in a month, down from $ 205.7 million last month.

However, online revenue fell to $ 3.27 million in April, $ 28.4 million in March The sportsbook had a winning percentage of only 1.8% that month (March: 13.8%).

The Louisiana online sportsbook imposes a 15% tax rate on online sports betting revenue, with a state tax of $ 2.37 million in April (March: $ 3.19 million).

The state’s retail sportsbook also witnessed a drop in the steering wheel during the month, but only dropped to $ 22.2 million compared to $ 26.98 million last month. Revenue increased to $ 2.33 million ($ 1.72 million in March) thanks to an improvement in the monthly win rate to 10.5% (March: 6.4%).

The retail sports betting revenue tax rate is 10%, and the Louisiana retail sportsbook brought $ 202,726 to state funding in April (March: $ 227,621).

Combining online and retail, April’s Pelican sportsbook generated $ 208.3 million in handles (March: $ 232.7 million) and generated $ 5.61 million in revenue (March: $ 30.1 million). So, the state was paid $ 2.57 million in taxes.

In terms of revenue per sport, basketball revenue fell significantly by $ 12.46 million (March: $ 12.8 million in profit) in the state’s online sportsbook. NCAA March Madness The tournament is over, NBA playoffs It became full-scale.

Elsewhere online, baseball is $ 1.3 million (March: $ 173,131), followed by football at $ 471,998 (March: $ 467,735) and football at $ 14,802 (March: $ 111,678), the future NFL. And only college football bets were being made. Parley’s bet saw $ 13.49m in revenue during the month (March: $ 13.57m).

Online sports betting started on January 28th in Louisiana. The state Gaming Control Board states that seven mobile sportsbooks are currently in operation at casinos in the state. Caesar, Bar stool, Draft Kings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Bet RiversWhen WynnBet..

For retail sportsbooks, basketball generated the most revenue in April, jumping to $ 571,543 (March: $ 133,540). Following basketball, baseball returned to positive earnings of $ 311,983 (March: $ 41,591), soccer of $ 17,407 (March: $ 20,903), and soccer of $ 5,206 (March: loss of $ 300,093). ..

Parley’s betting revenue on Louisiana’s retail sportsbook reached $ 1.29 million during the month (March: $ 1.76 million). There are 15 retail sportsbook venues in the state.

Louisiana’s online sportsbook shows a significant drop in revenue in April

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