Love Is Blind: Is there Season 3?

After a two-year hiatus, Netflix Date reality show “”Love is blind“Returned in February of this year for another round that literally has an extremely blind date. The show’s unique premise-the single” meets “while isolated in the pod. I can’t see each other’s faces β€” When it first debuted in early 2020, it brought all the buzz. You can expect the same from Season 2.. But are there any future seasons beyond that? Once upon a time, there’s actually an answer, even before the latest season airs!

The third season of the show is definitely on the horizon. Dating back to 2020, Netflix has renewed “Love Is Blind”“” For two seasons instead of one at a time. It’s a relatively rare move for streamers, and both seasons 2 and 3 are green at the same time, with even more possibilities.

Brandon League, vice president of Netflix’s non-fiction series and comedy specials, said in a press release: Netflix Reality TV Slate At the time. “We are proud to create our favorite show of any taste and are excited that our fans have embraced all of these series with such enthusiasm and shared passion. Further joy of our members. I look forward to stimulating. “

Season 3 has already been filmed, not just updated. In an interview with “Hollywood Life” in March 2021, host Vanessa Rachi apparently revealed that the two seasons were filmed simultaneously or in succession.

“”I’m shooting seasons 2 and 3, And we will deliver them to you as soon as possible, “she said then,” we will start filming them within a month, and we are just very excited. Known details about Season 3 as it is currently focused on the next second season. However,”Love is blind: Japan ”is scheduled to appear in time for the new season of the flagship English series in February this year.

From the sound of things, the “Love Is Blind” team will continue to create new seasons as long as they are interested. “”I want to see Season 2 or Season 12.. Series creator Chris Coelen told Oprah Magazine. [for] When it comes to “Season 15 and Season 20”, it seems like there will be more “Love Is Blind” in the future, and I can’t wait.

Love Is Blind: Is there Season 3?

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