Luka Sabbat talks about Grown-ish Season 4

Q & A series Last order, We, with some of our favorite celebrities, underlie all the last thing — from the time they were last startracked to the last song they listened to. This week, Luka Sabbat will answer the phone.

“Grown-ish” is finally back Finish the 4th season, And this time About graduation.. For the past four years, the Freeform series has explored the reality of college experience and curveball, from major changes to discovering independence and navigating in adulthood. All of this is built for the big moment when the cast gets a degree. But like a real college student, the cast of “Grown-ish” includes: Yara Shahidi, Luka Sabbat, Chloe Bailey, Diggy Simmons, Francia Raisa, Jordan Buhat, Emily Arlook — I don’t know what their future will be after graduation.

“Everyone has a different experience … Graduation, everyone has a different version of it.”

“Everyone has a different experience … Graduation, everyone has a different version of it,” Sabbat tells POPSUGAR. “Some are graduating, some are already planning. Some are not. Some are barely accomplished. Different elements and characters are experiencing different things. [this season]Part 2 of Season 4 of “Grown-ish” returns to the aftermath of a major battle after Aaron and Zoe accepted an internship from former Luka (Savate). But in upcoming episodes, everyone else is focused on making bigger decisions for their future and completing graduate plans — especially now busy getting his brand on track. Luka.

Still, Sabat says it’s hard to say what else is prepared for his character and others after graduation, given that there is still no word about whether the fifth season is happening. say. “What happens after graduation? We are no longer in college. So how do you explore the development of these different characters .. .. Who do you follow?” He asks. increase. “There are different ways, and that’s why it’s hard to really say how it’s done, because college is the only one that puts all these characters together ….. It’s up to the producer and the writer to understand how that’s done. It sounds complicated and will work. “

Read the rest of Sabbat’s Last Call interviews first while you see if Grown-ish will be updated next season.

What was the final day of shooting Season 4 of “Grown-ish”?

It was fun because it was a block shoot.So the last day [wasn’t] The last scene, and I wasn’t actually filming the last day. I came to the rap party, met everyone, and said goodbye. But that means it’s pretty crazy. You spend four years with these people, basically half a year, every day and then end. But it was fun, we all just hung out.

What was the last offset co-star of “Grown-ish”?

Well, what happens with offset remains offset — I’m kidding. We were just hanging out. We all have a trailer, and we really kick it like any other day.

Who was the last “Grown-ish” co-star you sent the text message to?

Well, maybe Yarra.

What was the last show you saw at a glance?

As you can see, the last show I saw at a glance was probably “The Sopranos” Classic. But that was the beginning of COVID. I’m actually a more movie guy. I don’t watch many TV shows.

So what was the last movie you watched?

I saw “Memento” yesterday. This is Christopher Nolan’s first movie. It’s a really good movie.

What was the last song / album you listened to?

“Glow On” by Turnstile. It’s a really good rock and roll punk album. It’s a really cool band.

What was the last thing you did for fun?

You probably played “War Zone” or something. So I do a lot of fun. I had dinner with my mom in Paris yesterday.

What was the last thing you received as a gift?

My friend Tremaine Emory has a really cool brand called Denim Tears, which explores African-American history, African history and more.He cooperated with UGG, In fact, here’s one of the two pairs. That was the last gift I received.

Image Source: Freeform / Java Jacobs

Luka Sabbat talks about Grown-ish Season 4

Source link Luka Sabbat talks about Grown-ish Season 4

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