Machine Gun Kelly, see Willow Smith’s “Emo Girl” music video

The Pop-punk music gods This week is illuminating us. After months of anticipation, Machine Gun Kelly and Willow Smith’s “Emo Girl” music video has finally arrived. The artists teamed up as a single on Emo’s mutual love for girls. Yes, you guessed it. And when they see them belting the lyrics together, they want to sing the chorus from the rooftop.The video starts with a cameo from MGK’s best friend Travis Barker, Depicts a school teacher teaching young students on a museum excursion. Watching Smith and MGK footage of children performing in different settings, their outfits and makeup change over time. Emo Until they have black lipstick, fishnet tights, and fake tattoos at the end of the excursion.

“Emo Girl” features a subtle but undeniable compliment MGK’s fiancé, Megan Fox — The intro line is a sample of Starlet saying “I’m a god” in her hit 2009 movie “Jennifer’s Body”. MGK and Barker originally wrote Smith’s poem for her, but she rewrote it to remain more faithful to her voice. “She puts an eyeliner on her dark skin, she lie to me, but she knows all of my secrets,” Smith said before joining MGK several times in a row. sing.

Talk to Barker about “Emo Girl” “Rolling Stone” function In November 2021, Smith said: It will make you feel that it is being seen by more people. That is the most beautiful part of music. The 21-year-old artist is paving her own way in the pop-punk genre. Collaboration with Avril Lavigne on “Growth” Last year In “Transparent Soul” Barker and Blink 182 A few months ago. I’m looking forward to who she will join next.

Machine Gun Kelly, see Willow Smith’s “Emo Girl” music video

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