Major Stem Cell Dormant Mechanisms Discovered

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Researchers at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center offer a broader understanding of how dormant hematopoietic stem cells are activated and new discoveries that can pave the way for therapeutic treatment of many cancers. I did.

The team made the discovery by conducting a deep mechanical study of the lysosome, a membrane-bound organelle found in all cells. Lysosomes were once thought to be the “trash can” of stem cells, recycling waste, regulating cell regeneration, and functioning the same in all. Cell type.. However, PM team research is based on new knowledge about lysosomes, showing that lysosomes act as major signaling hubs and regulate long-term hematopoiesis. Stem cells..

Why is the work done by the researchers? Hematopoietic stem cells A way in which lysosomes can remain dormant for years and always act as sensors, even in their deeply inactive state. The Princess Margaret team “clipping and inactivating receptors involved in growth signaling and nutrient transport within the stem cell membrane, where intracellular lysosomes are still highly active, despite cell dormancy. And discovered that it keeps the cells asleep.

Findings can affect beyond research and may allow control of the balance between cell dormancy and when stem cells are activated to aid replacement. Blood supply..

The results are from the lab of Dr. John Dick, a senior scientist at Princess Margaret. Cell stem cell August 2, 2021. Postdoc Dr. Laura Garcia-Prat is the lead author, and related scientist Dr. Stephanie Xie is the co-author with Dr. Dick.

“This study discovered a new mechanism of dormancy that utilizes the organelle lysosomes to keep the cells dormant,” says Dr. Garcia Pratt. “This opens up the possibility of using lysosomes as therapeutic targets.”

Every year, tens of thousands of people around the world receive bone marrow transplants to help fight leukemia.High-dose chemotherapy is used to kill rapidly dividing chemotherapy cancer cell, But at the same time, it also kills the stem cells needed to regenerate healthy blood.

Stem cell transplants are used to regenerate a patient’s hot blood supply, but finding matching donors can be difficult, especially within different ethnic communities where the donor list may not be extensive or at all. I have. The stem cells found in cord blood are of considerable value as an additional source of donors, but the number of stem cells is often too low for adult recipients. Understanding how to activate and expand stem cells in a controlled manner may make cord blood more widely useful.

Being able to control stem cell activation can also help in situations where stem cells are improperly activated due to illness, inflammation, or drug treatment, and restores dormancy to preserve these valuable products. Helps to.

“It’s very important to learn how to preserve and preserve blood stem cells,” says Dr. Dick. “If the stem cells are activated improperly, they can be lost and lifelong, which can have a significant impact on the blood system.”

“You have to do everything you can to keep the cell dormant, and one way to do that is to prevent the cell from sensing signals from the surface,” Dr. Dick added.

This study may also help to better understand leukemic stem cells, which closely mimic normal stem cells and can sometimes be dormant and avoid treatment.

“It’s interesting to look at these leukemia stem cells to see how this mechanism is regulated,” says Dr. Stephanie Sea. “We may see the difference and use it for treatment.”

Lead author Dr. Garcia-Prat said this was a task that could only be done in Dr. Dick’s lab at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center of the University Health Network.

“We are one of the few laboratories in the world dealing with human hematopoietic stems. cell“It makes a big difference in translating our research into human therapies,” said Dr. Garcia Pratt.

Researchers discover new approaches to using stem cells to improve bone marrow transplantation

Quote: The major stem cell dormancy mechanism discovered (August 2, 2021) is from August 2, 2021. Obtained on the day

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Major Stem Cell Dormant Mechanisms Discovered

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