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Battle of Dr. Jason Premiere Orthodontics We specialize in delivering beautiful smiles and grilling delicious barbecues.

Dr. Battle grew up in Cincinnati and Atlanta, but now calls Orlando his hometown, practicing orthodontics, cruising on the lake, dining at a local restaurant, and walking through two golden graffiti in Dublin and Sydney. , I am having a fulfilling time at the age of 20. -Jacob, a one-month-old son.

“Jacob understood things very quickly and is now summarizing the words. He is a very happy and consistent kid. I’m really proud of it. Happiness means the world.” Dr. Battle says.

As an avid outdoor man, Dr. Battle walks the neighborhood with his son and takes him. BeachAs well as participating in sports and grills.

“We live in such a beautiful state that we can’t enjoy it,” says Dr. Battle. “I love grilling ribs, briskets, etc. Not only for great food, but also for a great company. I love spending time with family and friends.”

Dr. Battle also enjoys volunteering to provide dentistry to people in need through the Smiles Change Life Foundation. He visits local schools, day care centers and camps, teaches proper brushing and nutrition, and teaches reading to local elementary school students. He also volunteers at Give Kids the World and the Kiwanis Club in Orlando.

Dr. Battle spends his time off with his son and enjoys the sun in Central Florida, but his patient is always in his head. He gives each patient his mobile number so that they can contact him seven days a week, day or night. He insists on adapting to the patient’s busy life, especially when the family is preparing for a busy school schedule.

“When the family returns to their grade routine, it’s important not to lose sight of good oral health and orthodontic treatment,” says Battle.

Keeping a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile, such as rushing mornings, lunch boxes, homework, and extracurricular activities, may not be a top priority, but it is a good opportunity to reset your daily life.

A beautiful smile can help you feel more confident, and Dr. Battle loves to help increase the self-confidence of his patients throughout all stages of their lives. With the upcoming milestones of yearbook photos, proms, graduations and more, students inevitably want to do their best. In other words, it means showing a smile with confidence. But making a beautiful smile isn’t just for teens.

“The new semester can also mean the new semester. We don’t just specialize in smiling for kids and teens. That we are here for them. I think it’s important for adults to know, “says Dr. Battle.

In his practice, Dr. Battle customizes each treatment plan based on the individual needs of the patient and corrects teeth quickly and affordably. Making Premiere Orthodontics stand out costs the same regardless of how the patient wants to correct their smile (metal brace, clear brace, clear aligner, lingual brace).

“Cost shouldn’t be the decisive factor in getting the smile you want and deserve,” says Dr. Battle. “I don’t want patients to go home and decide between the treatment options they want or the treatment options they can afford. My goal is to give them a smile. Delivering and achieving happiness. “



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Man behind a smile

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