Man Choked Rideshare Driver With Belt: Police

Meriden, Connecticut (WTNH) — A rideshare driver in Meriden, Connecticut, was strangled by a passenger he picked up on Tuesday, police said.

A woman took the fare and took the two men to a local Popeye, police said. One of the men, she said, became belligerent with her employees while at her drive-thru, and at one point he put a belt around her neck, making her I said I started choking.

When he noticed a police car marked in the area, he stopped choking her and fled the car with a second man, she said.

The victim reported the incident to the police, and detectives launched an investigation. Detectives identified the suspect as Jonathan Dutch, who had been in Meriden for a short time as a long-haul freight forwarder.

Dutch was arrested and charged with first degree attempted strangulation, first degree wrongful restraint, second degree intimidation, and violation of the peace. He was held on $50,000 bail. Man Choked Rideshare Driver With Belt: Police

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