Man enters 25-year prison for Fort Myers crime

Fort myers

A Fort Myers man was convicted of a criminal case that began in December 2021 including armed robbery and physical attacks.

According to the state prosecutor’s office, 23-year-old Jack Sanders Gregoire was sentenced to 25 years in prison for committing a crime on Tuesday.

A state lawyer reported that Gregoire began the crime in December 2021 when he met a victim he spoke to on a dating app. Gregoire reportedly robbed the victim at Knife Point.

On Christmas Day 2021, Gregoire robbed the same victim again, according to state lawyers. This time he pointed his gun at him and threatened to kill him after approaching him in the parking lot.

In January, the State Prosecutor’s Office stated that Gregoire broke into Fort Myers’ home shortly before midnight and stole some. Gregoire also reportedly entered the bedroom and grabbed one of the inhabitants of the house with his neck and threatened him.

Just days after robbing the house in January, Gregoire met another person in the dating app, according to the State Prosecutor’s Office. Gregoire asked the victim to take him to his friend’s house. When they arrived, Gregoire began beating the victims’ heads and robbed them.

The state prosecutor’s office reported that none of the victims knew what Gregoire was during the robbery or attack. Fort Myers police were able to identify him during the course of the investigation.

Man enters 25-year prison for Fort Myers crime

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