Man killed in Jacksonville hit-and-run identified as veteran

jacksonville, florida – A family member has identified a man police said was killed in a hit-and-run on Atlantic Boulevard near Century Street in Jacksonville’s Woodland Acres neighborhood on Thursday night.

Investigators with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department on Friday were looking for the driver of the car that struck Kurt Scott, 34, a loved one who said he was an Army veteran.

Scott’s sister, Victoria Wilcher, spoke with News4JAX on the phone. She said her brother is devoted to her family and friends.

“He was a funny guy. He loved working. He may have had problems in the past, but he changed his life,” Wilcher said.

She said she was on her way to the store when her brother was hit in the middle of a busy road.

Police said two cars were able to swerve out of the way, but a third car struck Scott.

“I could understand if it was a dog or a cat. You went on, but this was someone who was alive and had a life and a family who loved him dearly,” said Wilcher. I got

It’s the third hit-and-run in Duval County in just eight days.

Two pedestrians were attacked near West 44th Street last Thursday. one of them died.

Just a day later, police said a man had died at the intersection of Phillips Highway and University Boulevard.

“Just step forward and turn yourself in,” Wilcher said of the driver who ran him over. “We are not here to argue with you. We want nothing from you. We just want to know the truth.”

Nahum Abreu, who owns a nearby auto repair shop, saw the aftermath.

“It’s a very problematic area there. It’s not the first accident I’ve seen,” he said.

There are no pedestrian crossings nearby.

Derek Smith says traffic along the Atlantic is always chaotic.

“It’s not easy to get around. If you’re going to be here at three, four, five in the afternoon, don’t do it,” said Smith.

Smith hopes that pedestrian walkways will be added.

“I think we should put a light in there or something,” said Abreu. “I feel more secure.”

There is no information about the vehicles involved. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities or submit the information anonymously to First Coast Crime Stoppers.

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