Manufacturers Can’t Keep Up With Explosive Bicycle Demand

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If you’re trying to buy a bike this summer, you may be out of luck.

Last year’s cycling boom Coronavirus pandemic It continues until 2021, and there is a national shortage of supply. Manufacturers are struggling to supply their bikes to an explosive customer base of new enthusiasts who want to enjoy the outdoors.

Due to the shortage, the employer has little or no inventory and the customer has few choices.

Jason Dohrmann, who owns Summit Ski & Cycle in Los Angeles, said he had never seen such a shortage of bicycles. Dohrmann told CBS News correspondent Michelle Medina that his store had run out of bicycles last year.

“We definitely don’t make that much money, but now we’re making enough money to survive,” Dohrmann said.

Dorman said he believes there will be no bikes to sell until next year. Until then, I’ve been switching gears and focusing on repairing my bike when I get the parts.

“Bikes usually have to sit here for another two weeks, just waiting for a part when they’re done in a day,” he said.

Dorman’s problem is similar across the United States. During the pandemic, cyclists said they delayed production because people were forced to stay indoors. However, when the restrictions on COVID-19 began to be lifted, Demand for bicycles surges One analyst said manufacturers haven’t caught up yet.

Bicycle sales from December 2020 to February 2021 increased 55% compared to the same period in 2019, said Matt Powell, senior industry advisor and vice president of market research firm The NPD Group. I will. Powell told CBS News that motorcycle sales are part of a major trend for Americans to buy more outdoor equipment this summer.

“Camping furniture, grills, coolers, hammocks, recreational tents, everything is very powerful,” he said. “And of course, the cycling business is outstanding.”

Manufacturers Can’t Keep Up With Explosive Bicycle Demand

Source link Manufacturers Can’t Keep Up With Explosive Bicycle Demand

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