Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter Timeout COVID Tweet

Atlanta (AP)

Twitter has given Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene a 12-hour timeout, saying some of her tweets violate social media site policies for false information about the coronavirus pandemic. I will.

Twitter suspended Republicans from Georgia late Monday after President Joe Biden urged tech companies to take stronger action against false claims about “killing” vaccines. Twitter said it defended its efforts to eliminate dangerous false alarms about COVID-19 from the site, deleted thousands of tweets around the world, and challenged millions of accounts.

Greene appears to have been disciplined under Twitter’s March “strike” system, which combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify content about the coronavirus that is so misleading that it can be harmful to humans. .. A few strikes will result in a 12 hour account lock. Four strikes prompt a one-week outage, and five or more strikes could permanently remove someone from Twitter.


“We have enforced account @mtgreenee for violating Twitter rules, especially Covid-19’s misleading information policy,” the company said in an email.

One of Greene’s latest tweets, which Twitter labeled as misleading, claimed that the virus was “not dangerous to non-obese people and people under the age of 65.” According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people under the age of 65 account for approximately 250,000 US deaths associated with COVID-19.

The number of cases of COVID-19 in the United States increased by 17,000 nationwide in 14 days for the first time since late autumn last week, and the increase in deaths has historically followed the surge in illness. Many of the exacerbating problems were caused by the delta variant first identified in India, which has since hit the United Kingdom and other countries, said US surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

Calls to Congressman’s offices in Washington and her North Georgia district reached a message that her mailbox was full and could not accept new messages.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter Timeout COVID Tweet

Source link Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter Timeout COVID Tweet

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