Married men who avoid household responsibilities earn more from their jobs.

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Married men who do not help with household chores tend to bring home more salaries than their husbands, who play a major role in front of household chores.

A new study from the University of Notre Dame finds that “disagreeable” men who are married to the opposite sex are less useful to their partner. Housework, They can devote more resources to their work, resulting in higher wages.

In modern psychology, “cooperativeness” is one of the “Big Five” used to describe human character. Generally, it refers to someone who is warm, sympathetic, kind and supportive. Those who dislike do not tend to exhibit these characteristics and tend to be selfish and competitive.

“Why Dissatisfaction (of Married Men) Leads to Income Increases: Theory and Test of Social Exchange at Home” Personnel Psychology Leading authors Brittany Solomon and Cindy Muir (Zapata), Professor of Business Administration at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, Matthew Hall, David A. Potenzani Memorial College Professor of Constitution and Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Elizabeth Campbell University of Minnesota.

“Two studies show evidence that unpleasant men tend to make more money than more favorable men because they are more interested in themselves and less useful to their wives at home. “It was,” said Solomon. “This effect is even stronger among unpleasant men with a more traditional gender role attitude, and if the wife is very conscientious, perhaps in these cases, the wife will undertake more household chores and be more seamless. To carry out our responsibilities. “

This concept may be reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s comedy “Leave it to the beaver.” Ward Cleaver always went home in time for dinner, and June Cleaver was cleaning the floor with dresses and pearls. Did you have a better understanding of each role?

This study suggests that these men can save more time and energy at home, so they can invest these resources in their jobs and earn more income. However, the team found that the discomfort was unpredictable. Career success For more egalitarian men, men with poor wife integrity, and men who are not married to the opposite sex.

“Some people may find that disgust at work can lead to success, but those who want to get higher wages should at least hesitate before leaning towards a disgusting persona at work. “In fact, if selfish and less collaborative behavior is the only key to high wages, whether you are married, how you see the role of gender, and who you are married to. Unpleasant men, whether or not, tend to earn more. “

Previous studies have shown that discomfort predicts financial success (especially for men), and this association is attributed to workplace behavior. However, this effect remains puzzling, as discomfort is negatively associated with valuable workplace behaviors such as cooperation and prosocial behavior. In contrast, the team theorizes that the premium for male clumsiness can be further understood by considering imbalanced social interactions at home, especially with spouses.

“Our findings seem to reward organizations for unpleasant behavior in the workplace and emphasize the importance of social interaction at home for success in the workplace. “Based on our knowledge,” “Our research shows that organizations are aware of the role that spouse exchange plays in an individual’s success, and that organizations go to work to reduce the burden of responsibility at home. He points out the possibility of refocusing efforts to promote his involvement, and then invest in his work.

Perhaps this kind of initiative is especially beneficial to those who don’t have the personas or genders we’ve found. Married man“To help those who do not have a home system to improve their work involvement and salary, organizations will consider investing in infrastructure that will help establish a higher level of career-related arena. maybe.”

This includes providing non-work resources such as a list of reputable providers for home services and maintenance, establishing childcare programs, pre-screening caregivers, or arranging courier services. Incentives such as bonuses.

“The practice of allocating employees more equitably outside of work may provide more employees with opportunities for success,” said Solomon. “Also, in some studies, men It has been shown to be accused of using the flex work system. Organizational cultureIn addition to implementing such policies, may influence the calculation of who’s career should be prioritized and who should do more at home within a marriage or partnership. As a result, organizations can also support initiatives aimed at promoting gender diversity and inclusion, especially efforts to reduce the dominance of men in high-income positions. “

This study also affects career self-management. Most notably, the findings can influence how employees perceive the role of others in their own success, beyond their bosses and members of other organizations. House It can have a significant impact on your career success.

“Experts often thank their spouses publicly when winning or promoting performance awards,” Solomon said. “And at least for unpleasant men, our The findings quantify the truth behind this emotion. ”

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Brittany C. Solomon et al, Why Discomfort (in Married Men) Leads to Income Increases: Theory and Test of Social Exchange at Home, Personnel Psychology (2021). DOI: 10.1111 / peps.12454

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Married men who avoid household responsibilities earn more from their jobs.

Source link Married men who avoid household responsibilities earn more from their jobs.

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