Martin Lycka: Waiting for a gambling storm to blow away is not an option

As more markets open their doors to legalized gambling in the United States and Canada, Martin Leica – US Regulatory Issues and Responsible Gambling SVP Enter – We believe it is time for the market to focus on implementing safer gambling practices.

Start a responsible gambling track on the second day. SBC Digital North AmericaLycka began his keynote with an overview of regulatory trends across the US market.

Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, South Dakota, and Wyoming all joined the “US Sports Betting Club” in 2021 alone, praising the speed at which the post-PASPA market opened – Lycka now Is the perfect time to focus on implementing “strong consumer protection measures with a firm focus on responsible gambling.”

He states: At the same time, as an industry, we have drawn a sustainable path of progress that will help us in the long run.

“The most efficient way to achieve long-term sustainability in the North American sports betting and gaming market is to implement strong consumer protection measures with a firm focus on responsible gambling. It’s more obvious than ever. ”

Comparing the US and European markets, Lycka warned industry stakeholders not to make the mistake of “sitting on a fence and waiting for the storm to blow”. Acting “on the forefoot” To do.

He continued as follows. I strongly believe that it is best for the North American industry to take an active approach to responsible gambling issues and tackle it head-on with both enthusiasm and determination.

In other words, you may want to be at the forefront here now to prevent the problem of gambling addiction from boiling.

“Remember the old sport of defense winning the championship. Strengthening consumer protection defenses gives us even more momentum for further economic development in the North American market.”

Looking to the future, Rika explained that the responsibility for providing assistance to risky customers clearly lies with the betting and gaming industry, emphasizing the need to keep bettors away from the black market.

He pointed out the need to challenge the industry to focus on how to deal with the problem of gambling addiction and continually identify cases that could endanger gamblers.

He said: “What are the challengers we face? Overall, it is estimated that about 5% of our customers are at risk of developing gambling problems. This is especially for us. If they can help it, it doesn’t mean that they all do.

“Obviously, the responsibility of the industry, supported by regulators and third-party suppliers, is to provide assistance to at-risk customers. At the same time, we can play responsibly with us, We need to meet the demands of every customer who actually plays. We need to do that in terms of keeping them away from the black market.

“Here’s our challenge. Can we offer attractive products while protecting our customers from the tragedy of gambling addiction? I think the answer is definitely yes. Yes, yes, yes. Have to.

“Because the answer is clearly yes, not only is it continuously identifying the problem we are facing, but it is also very important in itself, but how we can solve it. It’s time to work decisively and critically. “

Martin Lycka: Waiting for a gambling storm to blow away is not an option

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