Massachusetts double-headed turtle hatching

#TSRShadySpecies: Keep all the latest news up to date, so you need to keep all the latest animal species out there. The latest headliner is the two-headed turtle that recently hatched in Massachusetts.

according to CBS Boston, NS Cape Wildlife Center I recently shared a photo of the hatching of a double-headed diamondback terrapin. At the barnstable nesting site, a turtle in a state called biceps hatched. This condition is described in the same way as human twins that are bound at birth. This particular turtle was born with two heads and six legs.

The Cape Wildlife Center said: They have been taking care of us for over two weeks and remain bright and lively. They eat, swim and gain weight every day. It’s impossible to get into their minds, but they seem to work together to navigate the environment. “

The Wildlife Center also pointed out that turtles have two spines that fuse further down the body. As the days go by, they want to learn more about this rare species.

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Massachusetts double-headed turtle hatching

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