Massage table unfolded in court

New York (AP)

A green foldable massage table used by Jeffrey Epstein of Financier was brought to court in Manhattan and set up in front of a jury on Friday to sexualize minor victims in partnership with British social celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell. It supported the allegation that it was exploited.

Maxwell’s ongoing sexual abuse trial alleges that theatrical prosperity in a federal court in Manhattan was used by massage to pretend to be a sexual encounter with Epstein, including Maxwell, in favor of a rubber-gloved investigator. It was intended to support testimony from the main accusers in.

Witnesses who said the abuse had begun were in a “massage room” where police said she was at the same location as when she was 14 years old when she recovered a massage table at a mansion in Palm Beach, Epstein, Florida in 2005. I explained that I saw the massage table.

Police officers testified that the investigators also confiscated records, computers, and sex toys (showing photos to the jury) from the dwelling.

The prosecutor showed the jury a videotape of the police in the house, which took an image of a nude photo on the wall. The decorations claimed by federal prosecutors are evidence of the sexual atmosphere Maxwell urged to put pressure on the victims.

Evidence was presented for defense opposition, which calls it a disadvantage. Defendant lawyer Bobby Sternheim accused the prosecutor of trying to unfairly portray Epstein’s house as a “corrupted domicile.”

Prosecutors encouraged British social celebrities to take teenage girls on shopping trips and movie outings, talk about their lives, and accept financial support from Epstein. Claims to have cared for the girl. The government also says she helped create a sexually charged atmosphere by talking to girls about sex and instructing them about allegations of Epstein’s sexual massage.

Maxwell, 59, denies allegations against her and says her lawyer is chasing her because the prosecutor can’t try Epstein, who committed suicide in prison before going to trial. She was Epstein’s former girlfriend and later an employee.

Whistleblowers used the pseudonym “Jane” to protect their privacy and testified that they were disturbed by “pictures of naked and half-naked women” when they first visited Epstein’s house earlier this week. .. In the master bedroom massage room shared by Epstein and Maxwell, the pair said, “I know, what he likes, what-you know, what men like, women like. He showed me something. “

Also on Friday, former Epstein housekeeper Juan Patricio Alessi said that another woman who accused “Jane” and Epstein of being sexually abused as a teenager repeatedly visited Palm Beach’s mansion. I returned to the witness stand to face a cross-examination about the testimony. Maxwell was a “female at home”.

Maxwell’s lawyer sought to undermine the credibility of Alessi, who worked for Epstein from 1990 to 2002. Faced with testimony from a civil lawsuit, the defense stated that it was inconsistent with the testimony of his trial.

Alessi claimed on Friday that none of the many young women who visited his home in Florida warned him of cheating.

“I did something and I wish they had it,” he said.

Massage table unfolded in court

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