Matt Cornett excited about Olivia Rodrigo’s SNL debut

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Olivia Rodrigo is making her Saturday night live No one is as excited as her co-star after making her debut. Following the announcement that the 18-year-old “driver’s license” singer will be the musical guest of the episode on March 15, she High School Musical: Musical: Series The castmate began to make a wish. Not surprisingly, the news, including Matt Cornett, didn’t surprise them.

Immediately after the news was announced, POPSUGAR sat down with the actor and he spewed out about the big announcement of his co-star. “I’m surprised,” Cornett said. He added that the cast’s group chat was already lively. “Everyone else is surprised. The fact that she is playing SNLNot all of us are surprised, as she will literally win a Grammy Award next year. Mark my words like. She promises to win a Grammy Award next year. Otherwise, I would be absolutely shocked. “

Following the release of two successful singles, Rodrigo is set to drop her first album, sour, May 21st. Cornett admitted that he hadn’t listened to the album yet, but revealed that Rodrigo had played several tracks for her co-star. “She is very good, her music is very good, she is just a great person,” Cornett said. “I’m very proud of her and we’re all very happy with her. Everyone is very excited about everything she does.” The cast is rooting for Rodrigo. I can’t wait to see SNL Debut, this happens to be the same weekend HSMTMTS Season 2 premiere!

Matt Cornett excited about Olivia Rodrigo’s SNL debut

Source link Matt Cornett excited about Olivia Rodrigo’s SNL debut

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