Matt Gaetz says thousands of dollars “missed” to close a yacht with his fiancé

Florida Parliamentarian Matt GaetzHe accused the robbers of sex scandals and says a “malicious actor” stole more than $ 150,000 from him when he tried to buy a boat.

Gates spokesman Told WFLA A lot of money was “missing” after lawmakers and his fiancé Ginger Lucky tried to buy a $ 155,000 yacht named Ol Puppy.

“Representative Gates and Ms. Lucky were the targets of financial crime,” a spokesman said. Said to the station“It was initially targeted at domestic and now foreign malicious actors,” a member of the House of Representatives added.

A spokesperson did not say how much money was lost, but said a “federal law enforcement agency” was investigating the case. The FBI rejected WFLA’s request for comment.

The boat was suddenly renamed “thirsty” in late April, when Gates was about to finish buying the boat, according to sources at the marina in St. Petersburg, where Ol Puppy is anchored. ..

“It’s a bit premature because we don’t own the boat,” said John Gorrie, the same marina boat owner, who saw Gates and Lucky inspecting the yacht.

Gates is already involved in the controversy. The Justice Department is currently taking months investigating whether MPs have hired women for sex across state boundaries. This may be a violation of the Sex Trafficking Act. We are also investigating whether Gates had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and she paid to travel with him.

Gates has violently denied the claim and has not been charged with any charges.

“For the past few weeks, my family and I have been victims of organized crime blackmail involving former Justice Department officials seeking $ 25 million, threatening to defame my name,” a parliamentarian said. I mentioned it in a series of tweets when the investigation was first revealed. ..

However, the survey seems to be approaching Gates’ innermost circle.Former MP girlfriend reportedly Cooperating now With the Justice Department and his friends, a former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg,have Made a judicial transaction On his own suspicion of asking a minor for sex.

None of this seems to have hindered Mr. Gates, who is currently traveling on a national speaking tour, and recently. He announced that he would run for president If Donald Trump didn’t, in 2024.

Matt Gaetz says thousands of dollars “missed” to close a yacht with his fiancé

Source link Matt Gaetz says thousands of dollars “missed” to close a yacht with his fiancé

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