McConnell vows “scorched earth” if the Senate ends filibuster

Washington – Republican Senator Mitch McConnell uses their new majority on Tuesday to put an end to Senate filibuster in hopes of Democrats confusing bills in favor of President Joe Biden’s past GOP opposition agenda When he did, he warned ominously about the landscape of the “burnt earth.”

McConnell unleashed a disastrous prediction in the Senate, but it almost stopped working, and Republicans stopped their business by refusing to consent to their day-to-day operations, from session start times to long legislative document views. Means Quorum call voting.

“Let all 99 colleagues say this clearly. No one serving in this room can even start what the Senate of Scorched Earth looks like, imagine. I can’t even do it, “McConnell said in a Senate speech.

McConnell said the partisan predicament of Trump and Obama’s time would look like “children’s play” compared to what’s to come.


GOP leader’s while the Biden administration is taking a winning lap against the $ 1.9 trillion US rescue plan just passed, a large COVID-19 bailout package approved by Congress without a Republican vote A harsh remark has landed. Republicans distract from bills that appear to be popular among Americans benefiting from $ 1,400 in cash payments, vaccine distribution, and other aid as the GOP focuses on future battles I personally admitted that I was having a hard time.

Biden’s remaining priorities are facing a tougher rise in Congress, as the Senate is evenly divided by 50:50. The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives can quickly approve a long list of potentially popular bills, but the Senate to expand voting rights and expand gun purchase background checks and other measures. The rules are more awkward. It usually takes 60 votes to break a filibuster to proceed with most legislation.


Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has accused McConnell of “diverting” and said he hopes to work with the Republicans in future bills, but all options for filibuster changes are on the table. Said there is.

Senator Democrats are personally talking about changing the rules decades ago of filibuster. This allows one senator to block the bill by opposition. In the early days, Senators talked for hours about their objections and grabbed the floor, as was done in the Hollywood movie “Mistaa Robert.” Go to Smith City. They also used it to stall civil rights law in the mid-20th century.

Proponents of this process say they protect the rights of non-powerful parties, but critics claim they are being used to thwart popular bills.

Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois, said on Tuesday, about 65 years after Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina broke a record 24 hours or more of filibuster under the Civil Rights Act of 1957: I am. .. “


51 votes are needed to change the rules of the Senate to abolish filibuster, and even though Vice President Kamala Harris is a tiebreaker, the Democratic Party does not seem to have support for it. At least two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, have expressed their opposition, but it’s possible.

Biden’s preference is to “do not change” the Senate filibuster rules, spokesman Jen Psaki said at the White House. But she added, “He’s also open to hearing ideas, and those discussions will take place in Congress.”

The Senate will be tested in a few weeks. As Senators begin to consider bills passed in the House of Representatives, Democrats test Republicans’ willingness to participate in the legislative process by amending the bills for final passage.

If Republicans simply block the bill, Democrats are expected to be more inclined to try to change the rules.


Some Democrats told the Senator, who was engaged in filibuster, Jimmy Stewart “Mr. Goes to Smith.” Recently, Senator Durbin said, “Mr. Smith calls.”

“We have to change the rules,” Durbin said.

McConnell warned Democrats not to take the next step and revealed actions that could be taken in retaliation.

“This is unanimous consent to turn on the lights by noon, advance the floor speeches of cultivars, omit reading long legislative texts, schedule committee work, and even move controversial candidates. It’s an institution that needs it. Something other than the pace of the cattle, “he said.

The change to filibuster has been underway for 10 years, and the procedural arms race is intensifying as the country becomes more partisan.

The Democratic Party has abolished the filibuster rules to overcome President Barack Obama’s nomination and the Republican obstruction of some judicial candidates.


Republicans and McConnell then escalated the process by eliminating filibusters from Supreme Court judges and facilitating the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s three High Court candidates.

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McConnell vows “scorched earth” if the Senate ends filibuster

Source link McConnell vows “scorched earth” if the Senate ends filibuster

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