MCO is expanding. Sweet victory!Central Florida lifestyle

Just a few weeks ago, the Chamber of Commerce was able to welcome a councilor to a luncheon at Universal Orlando’s Citywalk. The guest speaker was the CEO of the Greater Orlando Civil Aviation Bureau (owner of Orlando International Airport) and former Florida Transport Director. Coincidentally, at the time of writing this article, I’m sitting in the Delta Lounge in Terminal B. Orlando International AirportMCO to my fellow travelers.

History of MCO

While listening to Kevin, I picked up a little detail explaining the initial MCO. We learned that our original airport was McCoy Air Force Base, and that MCO was chosen as the name to honor Colonel Michael McCoy because of the plans to expand and relocate the airport. MCO. As the seventh busiest airport in the world today, it’s hard to imagine its past compared to what we currently have. Still, visionary people ignored critics in September 1981, including the Wall Street Journal writer.

The victory is a great success, not only because tourists love our attractions and jump into the MCO, but also because as a resident many people like me port to Central Florida, a world-class airport Is required. Fortunately, there is an MCO in the backyard, making domestic and international travel easy and convenient. In fact, MCOs are located within two hours for 50% of Florida’s population. The added beauty of this economic engine is that the local tax dollar does not fund the airport. Airlines, shops, parking lots, car rentals and commercial companies all fund it.

Foresighted people who understood the importance of our region in the late 70’s also knew that more than 12,000 acres would enable the growth of air travel decades ahead. Sure, we haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels, but we’re still on track and the MCO is ready for South Terminal C to open shortly on September 19.


This new terminal will be able to use 15 gates and up to 20 aircraft in Phase 1. Shops and restaurants on the “Airside” will be more customer-friendly as you can pass through security before boarding to relax, dine and shop. Passengers will quickly learn about TSA 100% automatic screening lanes, facial recognition for international arrivals and departures, and up-to-date Baggage processing system.

Another function of the terminal is the connection to Brightline. The train’s hub will connect South Florida to Orlando and eventually Tampa in 2023. As Central Florida, we are in the center of everything in the state and we can choose how to get there.

I’m thrilled that MCO has grown and is in the backyard. Travel from our wonderful areas has increased since I became the grandmother of my grandson born in Ohio and the youngest called me a Bostonian. Thank you for using the mileage service.

Enjoy your trip this summer and be safe.



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MCO is expanding. Sweet victory!Central Florida lifestyle

Source link MCO is expanding. Sweet victory!Central Florida lifestyle

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