Megan Thee Stallion and Purdison Fontaine Celebrate 1st Anniversary

Roommates, forget what people say about the cuff season! Megan Thee Stallion And Purdison Fontaine are here to set the atmosphere of a bay watch that you will need for a lifetime. The couple recently went to Instagram to share intimate footage of the last years of their lives together.

Megan shows her love

Megan began a public festive atmosphere with 10 photos of her and her man. Images range from funny to intimate, sweet, filthy, and everything in between. There is one thing that is clear from the picture. The pair seems to be in love. Paldi in particular seems to be stuck with our girl Megan. Multiple photos show that he is working on Megan’s clapper, from light squeezing to use as a beverage holder.

The couple are also depicted as stupid, jumping in the trampoline park and making silly faces with each other. Megan kept the captions simple for multi-photo posting.

“A year of fun with you,” she wrote.

After that, she jumped into the Instagram story and shared more footage. She used seven photos to reveal the moments of physical interaction with more selfies. In the seventh photo, she wrote the message, “10 IG slides don’t fit in every slide I get with you.”

Paldi shows his love

And don’t think for a moment that Paldi dropped the romance ball. In fact, shortly after Megan’s first post, Paldi let fans know how excited he was to celebrate his year-long love with Bae. He posted a short video clip on Instagram Story and saw him happily dancing to Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much”.

He wrote in white text in the video, “Our Anniversary Today … Stay tuned.”

Then he shared a video of almost a minute and a half depicting their love. Like Megan, Paldi contained some invisible footage of their affectionate and joyful relationship. The video also included an article highlighting Instagram posts and their relationships.

“I love you because your existence is a gift in itself,” Paldi says at the beginning of the video.

Come on, black love! Congratulations to the happy couple! In Paldi’s words, “go forever.”

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Megan Thee Stallion and Purdison Fontaine Celebrate 1st Anniversary

Source link Megan Thee Stallion and Purdison Fontaine Celebrate 1st Anniversary

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