Memory often returns after a stroke

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New studies show hope for people with memory impairment after a stroke.

Strokes are common in Norway, with approximately 60,000 Norwegians suffering from a stroke. Stroke can have serious consequences, but not everyone is affected in the same way.

People affected by a stroke often experience Memory impairment Your ability to learn later will be reduced. However, this may be temporary.

“Improvement of memory after a stroke is common, but it varies from person to person,” said Ramune Granbaite, a psychologist at NTNU.

Grambaite is an associate professor of clinical neuropsychology and head of the Neuropsychology Outpatient Clinic of the Faculty of Psychology at NTNU.

Patient followed for 3 months

Researchers in the Vascular Disease (VaD) research group wanted to examine the changes in memory that could be observed during the first three months after a stroke. The data were collected at the Department of Neurology, Akershus University Hospital (Ahus).

“Approximately 1,000 patients are hospitalized for stroke each year. The proportion of patients with mild stroke has increased in recent years, but as a result of problems with concentration, poor stamina, and altered memory function. Has a mild stroke. “

These results can be difficult to detect during a short hospital stay. Follow-up with professional medical services is very important later in the process.

“We examined 86 patients who underwent neuropsychological tests one week and three months later. Mild seizures“Grambaite says.

The results were recently published in a Norwegian journal Neuropsychology ((((Neuropsychology), And they are uplifting.

Many patients recover quickly

“Our study shows that about half of patients with stroke suffered from various forms of memory loss one week after the stroke, but by three months after the stroke, they had memory loss. About one-third of the patients who have had an improvement. Memory function“Grambaite says.

They have regained the ability to learn and recognize things.

“But some stroke survivors continue to experience memory problems and need to learn to live with them,” says Granbaite.She has researched and followed many people Stroke patient Through her work at Ahus Neurology, where she worked as a neuropsychologist for several years.

Stroke is often the cause of disability

Stroke is one of the most important causes of disability in Norway. Approximately 11,000 patients are affected by a stroke each year in this country.

Strokes are most often caused by blood clots in the brain (cerebral infarction), However, about 10-15% of cases are due to cerebral hemorrhage.

The number of stroke patients is higher than before, partly due to improved emergency treatment and rehabilitation. stroke It remains in a serious condition. It is not uncommon to experience varying degrees of disability, and some patients subsequently experience anxiety, depression, and malaise. Proper follow-up is often important, including follow-up from friends and family.

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Memory often returns after a stroke

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