Mets can’t collect attacks by losing to Garrett Richards in the Red Sox

Luis Rojas decided to be funky as the team collectively fell into a slump and there was no best batter.

The Mets Tuesday lineup featured Francisco Lindeau’s batting lead-off for the first time this season. Dominic Smith came in second, Pete Alonso came in third, and Michael Conforto, who had been struggling before, came in fourth. Starting pitcher David Peterson was in eighth place ahead of center fielder Kevin Pillar. It was the absence of Brandon Nimmo, who sat down in a right hip collision, that facilitated the re-jigging.

Rojas had nothing to lose — except for the game, it turned out. Mets dropped the series opener 2-1 on the Red Sox after another poor batting performance.

The eighth Lindo at bat brought a new lowest point. After he landed on the pitcher, 7,917 Citi Field spectators booed. None of the last 10 batters of Mets reached the base.

The Red Sox’s right-handed Garrett Richards hit 10 (zero walks) and hit 7 hits over 7 innings. Mets’ only run was Jeff McNeil’s second homer of the year, the opening explosion on the right field upper deck. Richards didn’t even need 20 balls in a particular inning.

This reduced Richards’ ERA from 6.48 to 4.94.

He continued with the early season theme of Mets (9-9), who had solid pitching and minimal hits. What they restricted the Red Sox (15-9)-they were number one in the AL East and boasted the best attacks in the American League to start the night-was limited to at most two runs.

Peterson (5.59 ERA) recorded his second quality start on four outings this month, keeping Boston down to two runs and four hits in six innings. He hit three and walked two.

The Red Sox attacked Bobby Dalbec’s lead-off home run third and quickly wiped out what was Mets’ early lead.

Peterson began to sway sixth, allowing the Red Sox to lead with consecutive hits from Enrique Hernandez (double in the right field corner) and Rafael Devers (single in the left field group). However, after pitching coach Jeremy Hefner visited, he calmed down and double-played JD Martinez to avoid further trouble.

Mets Highlights: Alonso turned Dalbek’s potential single out in the fifth inning.

Dalbeck cut the grounder towards first base and Alonso took a few steps to the left to defend the ball with a mid-hop. After standing up, Alonso noticed awkwardness in the meantime. Would you like to throw it at Peterson, cover your bag late, or take it with you? — And decisively sprinted to the base, first jumping in to defeat Dalbek and record an out.

For players who faced serious defense questions when they arrived in Major League Baseball in 2019, but casually mention their Gold Glove aspirations at least once a year, Alonso regularly makes this kind of dive stop this month. I stopped it.

Although the sample size of the data is small early in the season, Alonso is ranked number one among Mets regulars in two defensive points. This is a favorite statistic for Luis Rojas to assess the effectiveness of his defenses. This is better than Lindor, Pillar, Nimmo and McNeil, each with one DRS.

Mets ended with another diving defensive highlight for the seventh time after Jeurys Familia replaced Peterson. Hunter Renfroe was second and Marwin Gonzalez was first. Opening up his dislike of the defensive shift, Lindo took advantage of it this time to catch Gonzales’ 105mph line drive on the other side of the second base bag. The shortstop then jumps into the base and doubles off Renfro for an unassisted double play.

Mets can’t collect attacks by losing to Garrett Richards in the Red Sox

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