Mets shutting down Jacob DeGrom for at least two weeks

The day the Mets exchanged for Javier Baez and activated Carlos Carrasco for his season debut, they were also potentially devastating: Jacob DeGrom’s other retreat.

Mets’ ace is dealing with elbow inflammation and has been closed for at least two weeks, general manager Sachscott said Friday night.

DeGrom, who has been out since July 7 for Mets calling for forearm tightness, threw a 36-pitch bullpen session on Thursday. Scott said his last few pitches reached 98 mph.

On Friday, DeGrom had an MRI that said he was feeling sick (again) and Scott did not show structural damage (again). Still, Mets shut down Ace (again) and is currently considering a return in September as the best-case scenario.

“We’ll be careful and shut him down for a few weeks,” Scott said. “What we do within a few weeks is to recreate the image and see if the inflammation has disappeared. If so, we will decide the next step from there.”

DeGrom reached 1.08 ERA with 15 ERAs at 7-2 and began to miss time with multiple physical illnesses on his way to winning his third NL Cy Young Award for the first time in four years. ..

DeGrom has appeared at various times this season due to inflammation in the right latitude, tension on the right side, right flexor tendinitis, pain in the right shoulder, and tension in the right forearm.

Scott said nothing in particular caused inflammation of DeGrom’s elbows.

“This is the standard thing that happens in pitching,” Scott said. “Sometimes normal wear occurs.”

Scott said DeGrom’s retreat did not change his approach with Friday’s closing deadline.

“It didn’t change anything,” he said. “Jacob deGrom cannot be replaced.”

Mets is trying to thwart Atlanta, Philadelphia and Phillies in the NL East. On Friday, Mets acquired two-time All-Star shortstop Baez and right-handed Trevor Williams from the Cubs. Williams, who was 4-2, 5.06 ERA in 13 games (12 starts) against Chicago, was sent to Triple A Syracuse.

For now, the rotation is after Marcus Straumann, Slump’s All-Star Taijuan Walker, 41-year-old left-handed Rich Hill, impressive rookie Tyler Megil, and a hamstring injury in the spring. The training consists of Carasco, who made his first start as Met on Friday.

Mets also hopes that Noah Syndergaard will be able to give them some innings in September as he is about to return from Tommy John’s surgery.

Mets shutting down Jacob DeGrom for at least two weeks

Source link Mets shutting down Jacob DeGrom for at least two weeks

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