Mexican farm sinkhole swallows more land and traps two dogs – NBC4 Washington

Big sinkhole Appeared on a farm in central Mexico in late May Bigger than a soccer field, he started swallowing the house and trapped two dogs in the back.

The central state government of Puebla announced that it had successfully pulled two dogs out of the sinkhole late Thursday in response to a rescue request from animal lovers. They were trapped in shelves on either side of a hole that had fallen 50 feet (15 meters) to the surface for about four days.

Rescue of animals was considered too dangerous as loose-rimmed soil would continue to fall into the water at the bottom of the hole.

However, firefighters came down to the pits on Thursday, some of which used ladders to stabilize the edges of the soil. His colleague used a rope and pulley system to carry two dogs. I was seen standing further back to lift the cage.

The state government was wary of taking care of the veterinarian by distributing photos of dogs named Spey and Spike.

The dogs seemed to be playing in the fields around the sinkhole when they collapsed.

The sinkholes are now over 400 feet (125 meters) in diameter in some places and can reach 150 meters (45 meters) at their deepest points. It’s confusing because the water fills the crater.

The Mexican government has dispatched soldiers to keep people 2,000 feet (600 meters) away from the edge of a hole 50 feet (15 meters) deep.

“It’s a very difficult time for us, because that’s all we have,” said Magdalena Zalamigua Sopilakl. “Sometimes we are so sad that we feel sick. . “

Some residents believe that the sinkhole is the result of excessive groundwater extraction by local factories and water bottling factories. However, the bottom of the hole is filled with water that appears to be a strong stream, which, according to the Pentagon, is considered by experts to be like an underground river.

“It’s likely due to the presence of groundwater currents,” the agency said.

Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa said experts are investigating both possibilities and will revoke the permit if water fetching is the cause.

The office warned people to stay away from the site in the town of Zacatepec in Puebla, east of Mexico City, because of the risk of further ground cracks.

The office said Wednesday, “This is neither a tourist attraction nor a place to visit with family.”

Authorities have installed metal barriers and police tape to prevent spectators from entering and restrict drones from flying over them.

Surveillance footage in China shows two pedestrians walking on the sidewalk when it is collapsing.

Mexican farm sinkhole swallows more land and traps two dogs – NBC4 Washington

Source link Mexican farm sinkhole swallows more land and traps two dogs – NBC4 Washington

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