Miami: sun, sand and food

Located in the state of Florida, Miami is a fantastic city and a steadfast attraction for tourists who come to visit from all over the world.

In particular, Miami’s beaches stand out due to their white sand and crystal clear blue waters. They are a unique sight and a picturesque gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, combining perfectly  with the region’s sun and pleasant temperature.

If you want to walk around the city, there is no better place to do so than the renowned neighborhoods of South Beach and Ocean Drive, where visitors can enjoy outdoor sports, refreshing drinks, celebrities sightings in local nightclubs, sun-worshipers on the beach and exclusive shops that are always on the cuttind-edge of fashion.

Miami has it all, but there’s activity which often goes overlooked, and should be on any tourist’s bucket list: the Florida food tour. On this tour you will enjoy authentic Miami food and sample the best dishes in the entire state. 

A unique tour

The Florida food tour takes place away from the cameras andMiami’s most popular nightclubs, showcasing aculturally diverse city with inhabitants from Latin America and the Caribbean, and offering a wide variety of rich, high quality foods.

Visitors to Miami should seriously consider this tour, which takesover 3 hours and stops off at several restaurants to sample exquisite dishes.

The tour begins with an opportunity to try one of the most exclusive cheeses in Miami, followed by delicious friedchickencooked in a traditional restaurant that with a history spanning backover a century.

The main dish is the so-called Cuban sandwich, a typical recipe from thenearby country of the same name.The menu also includes a wide variety of Latin American foods that have been adopted as Miami’s own over time.

Dessert is an outstanding key lime pie, well known about town for its exquisite flavor.

All this without mentioning the secret menu item, which is only revealed to visitors once the tour has begun, as a pleasant surprise.

All the dishes on the tour can be washed downwith complimentary drinking water, and alcoholic beverages are also available for an additional fee.

This tour will allow you to discover a totally different side of Miami, far from the fashionable clothes, nightclubs and beaches which most people come to town to enjoy. It’s a one-of-a-kind tourtour that lets tourists enjoy something completely new in this beautiful city.

What to do in Miami?

There is always something to do in Miami, as we have seen. You can peruse the Design Districtwhich is chock-full of galleries, decoration shops, art exhibitions, restaurants and exhibition centers showcasingartistic talent from all over the world.

You may also wish to take a tour of Little Havana, a neighborhood located near the center of the city which is well known for its Cuban settlers, who have lived In Miami for decades. This distinctive, Spanish-speaking region is aesthetically pleasing and full of good Cuban music, people and coffee.

On Lincoln Road you can walk around and get to know the open-air shopping center designed by architect Morris Lapidus. This site has over 100 stores, as well as bars, cafes and restaurants. It is a great place to enjoy your day, or night, while appreciating the neighborhood’s architecture.

Another spot worth visiting is the Monastery of Our Lady Queen of the Angels, which was inaugurated in 1133 in Spain. This Monastery was the home of Cistercian monks for a period of more than 700 years. The site fell into disuse, until it was acquired in 1925by William Randolph Hearst, who had it transferred to Miami. Today this site is used for all sorts of events and even film shoots.

The Bayside Marketplace, meanwhile, is a giant shopping mallsituated along Miami’s sprawling boardwalk, and is one of the most popular places in town to shop. Next door is the city’s science museum,which is always a good place to visit, especially on rainy days.

These are just some of the activities you can look forward to in Miami – a truly unique and unmissable city, where there is always something new to do and new places to discover.

If you have the opportunity to visit, remember that in addition to enjoying the city’s beaches and sunshine, you should also take time to sample the state’s delicious food, in order to truly get to know the place.


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