Microscopic vibration circular dichroism enables supramolecular chirality mapping

IR intensity mapping and VCD spectrum of Anomala albopilosa.Credit: Ehime University Hisako Sato

Insect wings are interesting and fascinating as a unique example of biomimetic materials inspired by living organisms. They exhibit multi-functionality and provide a natural model for developing functional devices based on organic polymers. There are many studies on the structure of insect wings using spectroscopic or morphological methods, but only a few have focused on their chiral properties.

This study is unprecedented in that it focuses on the supramolecular chiral aspects of targeted insect hindlimb samples. We report the application of the multidimensional vibration circular dichroism system (MultiD-VCD) to the hind wings of insects (Anomala albopilosa). [male]). MultiD-VCD system with QCL (Quantum cascade laser) Was recently developed for microscopic 2D mapping of VCD signals.

Mapping was performed on the hind limb tissue of the insect with a spatial resolution of 100 ┬Ám. As a result, it became clear that the hind wings of insects are composed of isolated microdomains consisting of proteins with different secondary structures. The uniqueness of this method is demonstrated by the following aspects: (I) The microscopic distribution of the observed protein cannot be achieved by conventional FT-IR spectroscopy. (Ii) Secondary identification structure of protein It is achieved in-situ without pretreatment of biological samples such as coating, grinding and solvent extraction.

The work was announced at Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters..

A new horizon for vibrational circular dichroism

For more information:
Naoko Sato et al. Mapping supramolecular chirality of insect wings by microvibration circular dichroism spectroscopy: Heterogeneity of protein distribution, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2021). DOI: 10.1021 / clett.1c01949

Provided by Ehime University

Quote: Supramolecular chirality acquired from https: // on August 19, 2021 due to microscopic circular dichroism. Tea mapping (2021, August 19th) will be possible

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Microscopic vibration circular dichroism enables supramolecular chirality mapping

Source link Microscopic vibration circular dichroism enables supramolecular chirality mapping

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