Microsoft consumers can now permanently remove passwords from their accounts

Microsoft today announced that users such as Outlook, OneDrive, and Family Safety can now opt out of using passwords and choose alternative authentication methods. This predicts that “the future will have no password”.

This is after the company announces that passwordless sign-in is generally available to commercial users and will provide this functionality to corporate organizations around the world.

Some of the main reasons the company considers password-less to be the next step are that passwords can easily target people, with 43% of people experiencing password problems each month and users. It’s not friendly and many people forget it. According to Vasu Jakkal, CVP of Microsoft Security, Compliance & Identity, they are.

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“We are expected to create complex and unique passwords, remember them and change them often, but no one likes it. A recent Microsoft Twitter poll shows that 1 in 5 people. People report that it is better to accidentally “reply to everyone” than to reset the password. Blog post..

Passwords are also a major entry point for hackers, with an estimated 579 password attacks per second. This is equivalent to 18 billion times each year.

Password-related attacks dominate corporate attacks, with 90% of respondents Passwordless authentication status 2021 According to reports, a phishing attack has occurred against the organization.

This report was produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, a community of 500,000 members for information security professionals.

The FIDO Alliance also found that 61% of companies revealed that their “passwordless” multi-factor authentication method still relies on the underlying password.

However, many companies are moving to truly passwordless solutions, and 96% of report respondents say they want to stop using shared secrets for authentication.

“There is a common belief among technicians, analysts, regulators and the media that passwords go nowhere. This report tells a very different story from a practitioner’s point of view. Not only does our organization already implement passwordless technology, but it also shows a clear understanding of its implications and use cases, “the FIDO Alliance wrote in a report.

Alternative authentication methods currently offered by Microsoft include the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, security keys, or verification codes sent to phones and emails.

Now accessible to Microsoft software users, Sign in,[高度なセキュリティオプション]Choose.[追加のセキュリティ]under,[パスワードなしのアカウント]Is displayed.[オンにする]Choose.

“We’ve heard great feedback from corporate customers who have traveled without passwords. In fact, Microsoft itself is a great test case. Almost 100% of our employees use the passwordless option. I’m logged in to my corporate account, “added Jakkal.

Microsoft consumers can now permanently remove passwords from their accounts

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