Microsoft’s Newest Security Upgrade – Chip To Cloud Protection in Windows 11

Over the last few years, more and more businesses are moving towards refining their digital transformation strategies and have moved their entire businesses over to the cloud. Thanks to the huge rise in technological advancements, businesses have had more opportunity to grow – but this also means that hackers now have more power to attack your business too.

Security and data protection have always been a high priority and major factor for all Microsoft products and solutions from the very beginning of its inception – without security and protection, there is no trust and with so many attacks and cyber criminals out there, one needs to trust their IT provider and IT solutions to be safe and protect their data in the best ways.

Are you a business owner who is unsure how to harness the power of the cloud on your own and need a little extra help and guidance getting it right? There are so many companies who are providing world-class IT Support in London who could help you if you need additional support or help with Microsoft products – reach out to Microsoft themselves and they will put you in touch with a Microsoft Partner who will be best suited to help you and your business.

Tech Quarters are an IT Support Provider who are a Gold Microsoft Partner and also one of the top providers of IT Services in London– they have helped hundreds of companies to make the move to a cloud-based network and system, and help to ensure that all of their network security and IT security is taken care of and managed correctly to. With this latest announcement, the chip to cloud protection that Windows 11 offers now improves that security and takes it up a notch too.

The newest release in Microsoft’s security solutions is called Microsoft Pluton – it is a highly evolved security processor which has been designed to specifically store sensitive data and is integrated within the actual CPU of a device. This makes it that much harder for hackers to access your data, even if they have your device in their physical possession. These hardware security requirements have been built into the Windows 11 system, so you can rest assured that you are even more protected through this new chip to cloud protection on your certified devices.

Every single certified Microsoft Windows 11 system will come set with a TPM 2.0 chip which will help secure and encrypt your data which is backed by hardware root-of-trust. This chip will help to protect your encryption keys, sensitive data, as well as your user details behind a hardware barrier that makes it almost impossible for attackers and hackers to access your data or tamper with your data. Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated and knowledgeable by the day, through the use of this chip the standard for hardware security has been elevated.

One of the most loved features that Windows has introduced recently is Windows Hello, this means you can get rid of passwords altogether and keep your information protected. In this world of digitally-driven technology, it only makes sense for companies to look for better and more secure ways of doing their business and Microsoft always delivers on that. Windows 11 in particular offers a new and smarter way for users to share, collaborate with each other, and work with confidence that they are protected and safe.

Microsoft’s latest announcement certainly shows that security is always at the front of their minds, if you’re looking for a solution you can feel safe using, be sure to check out what Windows 11 can do for you.


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