Millions of people evacuate to Britain as Storm Eunice threatens Europe

Storm Eunice warned people in southern England to stay indoors, especially to avoid the coast.

Millions of people crouched as Storm Eunice struck Britain in a record wind on Friday, eerily emptying London’s streets and disrupting flights, trains and ferries across Western Europe. ..

The British capital was placed under the first “red” weather warning. This means that there is a “danger to life”. The same level of vigilance took place in southern England and southern Wales, schools were closed and transportation was paralyzed.

As the towering waves broke through the coastal seawalls, Eunice powered Ireland’s 80,000 homes and businesses, as well as more than 5,000 homes and businesses in Cornwall and Devon, southwest England.

According to the Met Office, 122 miles (196 kilometers) of gusts per hour were measured on the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England.

Most of the Millennium Dome roofs in southeast London Strong windAll trains in Kent, Wales, West England and Southeast England have been cancelled.

The British Meteorological Bureau also predicts heavy snowfall in Scotland and northern England.

At Tanhill Inn, Yorkshire’s tallest pub in the UK, staff were busy preparing, even if the winds remained strong in the northern part of England.

“But now it’s snowing and the wind is getting stronger, so we’re knocking down the hatch and preparing for bad days and bad nights,” pub maintenance worker Angus Leslie told AFP.

Eunice gained effect in the 1987 “Great Storm” with “Sting Jet,” a rare meteorological phenomenon that caused great turmoil in Britain, and issued a red warning in the Netherlands.

High waves hit the coast of Brittany in northwestern France. Long-distance and local trains gradually stopped in northern Germany, and warnings were issued in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

Ferries across the world’s busiest straits, as well as flights from Northern European aviation hubs, have been cancelled. Hundreds of people have been canceled or delayed at Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London and Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

One easyJet flight from Bordeaux endured two cancellations of landing at Gatwick Airport before being forced to return to the French city.

Waves hit the seawall while Coast Guard vehicles monitor Ballygalley in Northern Ireland

Waves hit the seawall as Coast Guard vehicles monitor Ballygalley in Northern Ireland.

“We should all follow the advice and take precautions to ensure safety,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had the British on standby.

The Met Office has warned that roofs could be blown off, trees uprooted, and power lines could fall across southern England. Bus and ferry services reported widespread delays and cancellations due to the high bridges being closed.

Climate impact?

The official Roy Stokes of the Environment Agency warned meteorologists and amateur photographers about heading to Britain’s South Coastline for dramatic footage, calling it “probably the stupidest thing you can do.” I called it.

London’s rush hour streets, where activity is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels, were virtually unmanned as many listened to advice to stay home.

The train to the capital was running a limited service with a speed limit already set during the morning commute.

The RAC breakdown service said it has received an unusually small number of callouts on major roads in the United Kingdom. This indicates that the driver “takes the weather warning seriously and has not departed.”

The arrival of the storm forced Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, to postpone his trip to South Wales on Friday “for public security,” his office said.

Another storm, Dudley, caused transportation disruptions and power outages when it struck Britain on Wednesday, but the damage was not widespread.

Experts said the frequency and intensity of storms cannot always be linked to Climate changeHowever, the storm caused more damage as a result.

“There is little evidence that these winter storm winds have been strengthened by climate change,” said Richard Alan, a professor of climate science at the University of Reading.

“Nevertheless, as anthropogenic climate change continues to heat the Earth and floods occur from the coast, heavier rainfall and higher sea levels occur. storm Surges and protracted floods will be exacerbated when these rare explosive storms hit us in a warmer world. ”

Britain warns of “Arctic shooting” after three people are killed in a storm

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Millions of people evacuate to Britain as Storm Eunice threatens Europe

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