Millsap has expressed concern about investigating alleged jazz

Miami – Former Utah forward Elijah Millsap is still hearing from investigators on Friday that jazz executive Dennis Lindsey made exaggerated comments to him at a meeting at the end of the 2015 season. Said not.

Millsap could also be fairly investigated on his claim that Lindsey, then general manager of the team and now vice president, threatened to cut off his “black ass” and send it home. I questioned something.

Millsap filed a complaint in a tweet on Wednesday. Jazz replied Thursday that he would bring an outside lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation, and the NBA would be part of that investigation.

“Obviously, I know my truth,” Millsap said in an interview with The Associated Press. “The only thing an outside lawyer or someone can do is stir it up and make me look like I’m lying. I basically free myself from the torture of having things and free myself. I tried not to make Dennis Lindsey feel sick or look like a racist. I don’t think he’s a racist, but I know what he said to me ing.”


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver confirmed the league’s involvement on Friday.

“Because we take allegations of discrimination seriously, we also take the right to the proper procedure of the accused. Therefore, we conduct a full investigation. In this case, the investigation is conducted in partnership. , In coordination with Utah Jazz. “

Millsap has played 67 jazz games over two seasons. The case in question came from an exit meeting in April 2015, and said that jazz coach Quin Snyder was also present at Millsap, the long-time prominent brother of Paul Millsap in Utah.

Millsap said he remembered attending the meeting “high energy” and wanted to hear what Lindsey and Snyder said to him.

“I was hoping for great feedback,” Millsap said. “And it turned worse.”

Millsap said Lindsey told him, “In another word, I’ll cut your black ass and send it back to Louisiana.”


Millsap met with a reporter shortly after leaving the meeting between Snyder and Lindsey, and showed no signs of upset. He was abandoned by jazz in January 2016. He said it was the day before the remaining contracts for the season were guaranteed. Such movements are not uncommon in non-guaranteed transactions.

Lindsey refused to comment. Snyder said he had no memory of what happened and re-defended Lindsey on Friday before jazz played in Miami.

“I’ve never heard anything close to that from Dennis,” Snyder said. “As I said, I haven’t heard anything near it and I know him and his personality. And if such a thing is said, I’m sensitive to those issues. And I think you remember that. “

Millsap said he believed he didn’t talk much about him when he appeared in two more NBA games after Jazz abandoned him and other teams asked about his career. .. He was still exercising for a few hours a day and said he wanted to resume his playing career.


Millsap said there was no concrete resolution to satisfy him.

“These people had the opportunity to tell people the truth about who I am,” Millsap said. “And they didn’t do that. I hate it.”


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Millsap has expressed concern about investigating alleged jazz

Source link Millsap has expressed concern about investigating alleged jazz

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