Mindy Kaling on Never Have I Ever, Sex Lives, and Parenting

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When it came to balancing work and family life, Mindy Kaling put it into science. .. .. With the help of some powerful WiFi. It certainly became a showrunner, Single mother “Much more efficient” while she takes care Two children In the Zoom Audition and Virtual Writer’s Room, her two shows are aired and four are under development, but there’s everything you need to grow Kaling International.

In honor Her partnership with AT & T Fiber — The WiFi connection she chose – Kaling talked to “POPSUGAR” in December about adapting to her next life. Welcome her son Spencer Look at Google in 2020 (and Reese Witherspoon) If you are working on a parenting question, and her ongoing project: “College Student Sex Life” “My first time, “And” Legally Blonde 3 “.

About renewal of “sex life of female college students”

Naturally there was a hilarious show Update quickly for the next seasonAnd while the writer’s room is still in its infancy, Culling says, “It definitely fits the title.” She looks forward to further exploring the story of the secondary character, especially in Season 2. Fan’s favorite lira And Canaan.

“One of the things I’m really proud of at this show is how to tackle the socio-economic differences of those who attend these prestigious universities, so knowing their lives is It’s fun, “she said.

About the latest cast members of “I am the first”

Netflix hasn’t released a date yet Third season of the show, But we know that shooting is in progress. Culling sticks to a particular storyline, but she reveals that “you can meet a really gorgeous and funny South Asian guy.” last week, deadline Anirudh Pisharodi reported that he will play De, an Indian-American teen who is “as smart as Devi” next season.

“I’m very excited to be able to hire many South Asian actors at the show,” she said. “And in many of my projects, what’s exciting is that you can see different ways women are Asian and don’t fit this kind of stereotype I had when I was growing up. “

About the diversity of her writer’s room

In “Sex Life of Female College Students” Represents different perspectives and identities Throughout the show, it was important for culling to ensure genuine storytelling.

“It’s not useful to have such an expression in the writer’s room. It’s necessary,” she said. “I can’t talk about young women in different life steps without speaking out to the room. Frankly, when talking to an actor, it’s my job to increase the credibility of the story. There is a voice that helps us in the room. “

About her favorite characters she has written so far

“I love the characters in the two shows that are happening right now, but I don’t play my favorite, so I’ll do something from the’office’. Before admitting that Dwight Schlute was one of her favorites, Culling said. Obviously I love romantic comedies and Jim and Pam are really fun, but to me Dwight and Ryan are the two most ridiculous characters because they have little self-awareness.And obviously I’m a friend of Rain [Wilson] And BJ [Novak]So it was really fun to write for them. “

She added, “I was thinking [“The Office”] I feel that the show’s resurrection was a lot of fun, so I’m watching it more and more lovingly. “

About the transition to two children

Culling, who Secretly welcomed her son Spencer In October 2020, we admit that additional kids are challenging, but there is “obviously much more joy.” “One child (Spencer) loves three children (Catherine), but she hardly tolerates him,” she said. “It’s getting better. It’s hard. I can’t imagine because I was a young brother. She’s been so much attention for a long time and he’s so cute and so sweet that I think it’s probably a little annoying to her. “

About protecting the privacy of her child

Since the arrival of Culling’s 4-year-old daughter Catherine, Showrunner has been open to maintaining the privacy of her child.While culling has A glimpse of her nursery share And a rare snap hanging out with her kids, she doesn’t post pictures of their faces. “I don’t think I’ve agreed to publish their photos and videos online, so I think I’ll have to wait until they’re old enough,” she said.

“If we were at the airport, if someone was like’Catherine? Spencer?’, I think it would be very strange. And they looked around and said,” Oh, they know who I am. So is that person a friend to me? ” “No, who knows you on the Internet,” she added. “It feels confusing for kids,” she added. “Obviously, the people who show me the pictures of the kids are visible and so cute to the world, and of course my kids are more cute and so nice than they and the best kids in the world and everything I think it is, “she said. ..

About the parents of the celebrities she respects most

While discussing everything “Legal Blonde 3” — The two are spending time trying to figure it out — and talking about cryptography, Kaling shares it. She looks at Reese Witherspoon For all kinds of parenting advice. “She had a kid when she was young. She was incredibly successful and wore so many different hats, but all three were able to build this wonderful relationship,” Kaling said. Told. “So when a pandemic happens, it’s her who asks her for advice on homeschooling, schools in Los Angeles, and everything I’m worried about.”

But she doesn’t just rely on Witherspoon for her mom’s advice. “She’s a really good resource for almost every problem I have,” Kaling said.

About the last parenting question she searched on Google

“How tall do you need to get in the car?” She shared with a laugh. “My daughter is four years old and is crazy about” cars. ” If she isn’t tall enough to ride, it will be a catastrophe waiting to happen. “

Mindy Kaling on Never Have I Ever, Sex Lives, and Parenting

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