Mini Itinerary to Help You Plan Your Trip to Philadelphia

Getting to Philadelphia is easy, but choosing the right spots to explore can be difficult because the place offers infinite places that you must visit once. Also, the events today in Philadelphia keep you busy all the time. Philadelphia, which is only two hours south of New York and two and a half hours north of Washington, D.C., is a convenient escape as well as a good jumping-off point for numerous other major Northeastern cities. Philly, with a population of about 1.5 million people and a mix of historical roots and funky charm, is more laid-back than its more well-known neighbors, and it offers world-class art museums, award-winning and diverse food options, and tours of significant historical sites. Here is a mini itinerary that will help you plan a (memorable) trip to Philadelphia.

Trip planning to Philadelphia

Best time to visit

 When visiting a new place, it is ideal for checking what is the best time of the year to be around the area. This basically helps to catch the best about that place. Now, when to visit Philadelphia? Well, honestly, Philly is perfect for visiting all year-round; the season of summer is when the city gets hopping. It’s the best time to take a stroll around and explore many outdoor places like Philadelphia Zoo and the Rittenhouse Square, along with the very famous historic neighborhoods. You can also catch quite a few live events near you at this time of year. Then come winters; Philadelphia offers a few warm and sunny days. Don’t spend these days sitting inside; it’s a great way to soak in the sun.

Where to stay

 You must know that the place you are visiting is a city of neighborhoods. You will feel a slight change in the feel in each neighborhood. Most tourists head towards the downtown center city area. This area is known for its historic buildings and the lovely Rittenhouse square area. There are other options like the historic old city for history buffs. It is located near the Delaware River. You can check out more staying options at Eventsfy.

Food and drinks to try

 As we already mentioned in the intro, Philly offers award-winning food. Since the place is nestled between two other important cities of the U.S., the diversity offers a wide range f food from all around the world. When visiting Philadelphia, cheesesteaks are the first thing that comes to mind. Two of the most popular are Pat’s (the originator of the sandwich3 ) and Geno’s, both in Passyunk Square, while Jim’s on South Street is also worth mentioning. However, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if that’s the only thing you try here. The food scene here is as good as it is broad; the cheesesteaks are excellent, but there’s a lot more to choose from than sandwiches. There are certain food events in Philadelphia where participants come with their native food variety to spread their culture.

Follow this itinerary to plan a successful and memorable trip to Philadelphia.


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