Mobile apps can save lives in India

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According to a new study, mobile apps could help change the flow of breast cancer growth in 30-year-old women in India.

The disease is the most prevalent form of cancer in the world and is a major problem in India, where breast cancer accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers.

There was also a big shift from Older woman For people aged 30-50 who are ill.

Dr. Judith Fletcher Brown of the University of Portsmouth, UK, said: Mobile app Used by field healthcare professionals may be the answer to reach more women and teach breast testing techniques.

“India has emerged as a central hub for new technology development, and it is time for the Government of India to focus on raising awareness of the early warning signs of the disease as a preventative measure.

“Innovation and demand ratio in India Mobile device It offers fresh possibilities for the health and well-being of the world’s largest democracy.

“It’s time to invest in innovative mobile technologies to counter the rise in breast cancer statistics.”

Dr. Emmett Brown suggests that breast health care apps may be used by Certified Social Health Activists (ASHA). These field healthcare professionals are already accepted by the community and can overcome sociocultural barriers as part of their normal day-to-day operations and encourage vulnerable target groups to engage in breast cancer education medical technology. ..

Using a bespoke app (operated on a digital tablet with culture-specific images), ASHA can educate and demonstrate breast self-examination techniques to help identify early warning signs of cancer. Similar technology is fast and easy to use.

In her previous study, Dr. Emmett Brown conducted fieldwork in New Delhi, India, and found that the reason for such horrific statistics was a lack of awareness of early warning signs of breast cancer by women. .. The power of the macro environment, including the weak political will to fund women’s health, is combined with social protocols that make the debate about cancer culturally sensitive.

“Trageously, the concentration of medical service resources on Covid-19 patients means that delayed diagnosis at an advanced stage remains a major challenge in the war. chest cancer. “

Dr. Fletcher Brown’s latest research by Diane Carter, Professor Rajes Chandwani, and Professor Vijay Pereira reveals mobile health technology as an opportunity to improve. cancer Healthcare knowledge for Indian women.

“Smart technologies such as mobile phones are a promising tool for disease management interventions in emerging economies, and India has traditionally focused on HIV / AIDS and diabetes education. breast cancer Awareness among Indian women. ”

Regular breast examinations by trained health care workers are associated with reduced breast cancer mortality in India

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Mobile apps can save lives in India

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