Mobile Memorial for the Fall of Law Enforcement in Lee County

Lee County

A group of motorcyclists across the country remember the deaths of two Lee County Sheriffs and one state police officer.

The The end of the watch ride to remember It is a mobile memorial. The goal is to honor law enforcement people who have died on duty and keep officers unforgettable.

Each year, the group traveled to different states and came to Lee County on Monday. The trip began in Spokane, Washington at the beginning of June. Pay tribute to Lee County Sheriff Stephen Mazzotta and Deputy First Class William Diaz. We also pay tribute to Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Pingry.

Lieutenant Greg Bueno of the Florida Highway Patrol said, “It’s special to pledge protection and service to anyone who sees them in uniform, whether they’re military personnel or adjutants in Lee County.”

“Brian was excellent, and when he got here, he looked like his father to many young soldiers,” Bueno said.

They are grateful for everything this group represents, as this is special for so many people, whether they are wives, husbands, children, or parents. Laura Pingle, seen below, thanked the soldiers standing beside her after the monument.

Soldiers standing beside Laura Pingley and celebrating her deceased husband, Brian Pingley. (Credit: WINK News)

“When the first truck was first pulled out, I was a little choked, as you know,” Pingry said. “It’s unbelievable what they did for all the officers, and over the years they’ve done this.” Pingry next to a photo of her deceased husband. I put a rose.

Laura Pingry puts a rose next to a photo of her deceased husband. (Credit: WINK News)

“I touched the photo to tell him that I was with him, and I know he’s still with me,” Pingle said.

Jagrut Shah founded “End of WatchRide to Remember”. He explained that he would do this because he would give his family the opportunity to say again that I love you.

“They have a last chance and a chance to say it again, hey, we still love you,” Shah said. “They are aware. They are being told not only by us but by everyone else. We will never forget your loved ones and keep our promises.”

The group will travel more than 23,000 miles this summer and will end in Washington on Wednesday, August 17th. click here Check the remaining schedule.

“I not only wanted to make sure the family knew they were unforgettable, but the department informed them that they were hurt,” Shah said. “And what they feel is not just their cities, counties and states, but actually national.”

Beyond the Call of Duty also raises funds to support law enforcement safety and training. It is hoped that the number of corrupt officers seen each year will be reduced.

Mobile Memorial for the Fall of Law Enforcement in Lee County

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