Moderna bosses say vaccines are unlikely to be comparable to Omicron

Moderna has already stated that it is working on a vaccine that is unique to Omicron.

The existing COVID-19 jab will be fighting the Omicron variant, and it will take months to develop a new shot that works, the head of US vaccine maker Moderna told the Financial Times.

Scientists weren’t optimistic, although Stephane Bancel told the newspaper in an interview released Tuesday that data on the efficacy of the current vaccine would be available in the next two weeks.

“All the scientists I talked to … are like” this wouldn’t be good “,” he told the newspaper.

Bansel’s warning was issued when the G7 Health Minister held an emergency consultation on a new variety, which spread around the world and urged countries to close their borders again or impose a new travel ban.

The World Health Organization calls the risk of Omicron “very high.”

Researchers are concerned about 32 of the 50 mutations found in Omicron, Bansel said. Mutant It was in the peplomer, which is part of the virus that the vaccine uses to enhance Immune system Against COVID.

He told FT that there would be a “significant reduction” in the effectiveness of the current jab for Omicron.

Modena says he’s already working on something unique to Omicron vaccinationSo is the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

CEO Vansel said his company could deliver doses of 2 to 3 billion in 2022, but would move all production to Omicron-specific shots while other virus strains are still in circulation. Said it was dangerous.

His more disturbing tone contrasts with politicians’ efforts to project calm with respect to Omicron.

US President Joe Biden said on Monday that the tension was “not the cause of the panic.”

Moderna says it will develop booster shots for the new COVID variant

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Moderna bosses say vaccines are unlikely to be comparable to Omicron

Source link Moderna bosses say vaccines are unlikely to be comparable to Omicron

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