Monica teaches her mom how to use the slang word “cap”

Monica keeps up with her young hip slang for my lady! The Versatile artist I shared a screenshot of a text thread with someone saved as a “NanaCell” in my contacts. But in threads and posts, she calls her loved one a “mama.” In a series of texts, she teaches mom the difference between “cap” and “no cap.”

“Today’s words are capped or uncapped …” Monica wrote in a screenshot of the text thread. “Study with the First Lady … You got it for Mom.”

The screenshot of the text thread shows Momma’s incoming text as the first message. She writes: “True, as Rodney says, the cap!” Next, Monica uses laughter emojis to reveal the difference while preserving playful energy.

“This is where you say no cap,” Monica replied in the text. “Mom says it’s a cap, which means it’s a lie or a fake, because it’s true.”

Mom is back to explain another round. “Cap means fake ???,” writes Momma.

Next, Monica gives her an example of the use of slang that mom may never forget.

“Yes, if someone says Monica can’t sing, it’s a cap lol,” the artist replied.

That moment gives us a sweet insight into Monica’s personal motherhood relationship. About three weeks ago, she gave her fans another insight into her life. Talk about betrayal, trust, and being a good person..

At that time, it seemed unclear what caused the mini-scam rant. Nevertheless, Monica joined the topic.

“Betrayal happens after trust,” Monica wrote in her Instagram story. “It’s painful to know that we aren’t betrayed by our enemies. It’s actually by the people we trust.”

She continued to explain how trust in people was established.

“I’m very kind to everyone, but it’s very difficult to trust people,” Monica writes. “People I trust, I dedicate my life to them … When you betray me, you lose me and you may not see me much, but I am clear And look at me !! “

Despite the heavier aura of her message, Monica finished her post with a sprinkle of aggressiveness.

“Being a good person can be difficult, but the benefits go beyond this area,” Monica said. “To the good people: Stay good! God has got you.”

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Monica teaches her mom how to use the slang word “cap”

Source link Monica teaches her mom how to use the slang word “cap”

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