Moon Knight: What is Scarab?

The Episode 1 of “Moon Knight” Arriving at Disney + on Wednesday, March 30th was the premiere of the wild season. Egyptian mythology is woven into the show’s plot, so at the end of the episode you can understand a few questions, especially what the scarab is everyone’s quest for, and why. Here’s what you need to know about “Moon Knight” scarabs:

How was Scarab introduced in the first episode of “Moon Night”?

Meet at the premiere of “Moon Knight” A gentle man named Stephen Grant (Oscar Isaac) He lives a double life as a mercenary named Mark Specter / Moon Knight. He experiences frequent power outages caused by his dissociative identity disorder. One day, after experiencing one of these blackouts, Stephen woke up in the middle of a field somewhere in the Alps and found a scarab, an ancient Egyptian amulet shaped like a dung beetle, in his pocket. rice field. Two men start shooting him and chase him to a nearby village. There he encounters a cult leader named Arthur Harlow (Ethan Hawke), A person who demands that Stephen be given a scarab. Stephen tries to hand it over, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t physically hand it over. Stephen then hears a mysterious voice in his head telling him to protect the scarab. After he does it, Arthur orders his followers to chase Stephen. But thanks to his other identity as Mark, Stephen is free to fight and return to London.

Arthur and his followers eventually chase Stephen at the museum where he works. They won’t get a scarab by the end of the episode, but it’s clear that the series will, at least in part, revolve around Stephen / Mark, who is trying to protect this amulet from Arthur.

What is “Moon Knight” scarab?

The scarab beetle was a type of Egyptian amulet shaped in the shape of a scarab beetle in the eastern Mediterranean region. Was considered sacred in ancient Egypt.. In Egyptian religion, amulets symbolized rebirth or rebirth. In “Moon Knight”, the scarab bearer is gold and belongs to the Egyptian goddess named Ammit.

What kind of power does scarab have?

According to CBR, the “Moon Knight” comic uses scarabs, ankhs, and scepters to help the supervillain Kang the Conqualer change time travel and reality. Conch, the Egyptian moon god who gave the power of Marc Face Kang and distract him enough time to bring the three totems to Avatar who live in different times.

Mark becomes Consh’s avatar and is tasked with recovering the three totems and restoring reality. He finally gets a scarab, which allows him to travel the time. He decided to move Scarab away from Kang and find the other two totems.

Why does Arthur want a scarab in “Moon Knight”?

Arthur is an avid follower of Ammit, and since Scarab belongs to her, he is determined to get it back from Mark. It remains a mystery as to what he intends to do with scarabs once he gets it. In the comics, Kang knows he wants a scarab to change reality, but what about Arthur? It seems that we can learn more about him when the new episode of “Moon Knight” premieres on Wednesday at Disney +.

Moon Knight: What is Scarab?

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