Morbius End Credit Scene and MCU Connection, Description

In most cases “Morbius” — New superhero movie from Sony “Living Vampire” Dr. Michael Morbius ((((Jared Leto) — No mention of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spiderman.. But that finally changes with the two mid-credits scenes in the movie.

First, a wide shot of New York City reveals a vague and mysterious opening in the sky, as seen in. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” when Various multiverses have been opened And everything converged on that version of Peter Parker. Next, if you look inside the Manhattan prison, Adrian Tooms (Michael Keaton) It will be displayed in an empty cell. Toomes was the villain of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Became a villain of vultures..

MORBIUS, Michael Keaton, 2022.Sony Pictures Release / Marvel Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

It seems he sent Tooms from the MCU to Space Morbius when Dr. Strange ruined the Multiverse in “No Way Home” (And poison) Find yourself. The news report tells viewers that Toomes will be released from prison soon because he is not committing a crime in this world.

The second credit scene reveals what Toomes is doing in this new universe. Morbius went out into the desert and somehow met Toom, who found or made a new pair of wings and helmets. Toomes says he doesn’t know how he got there, but I think it has something to do with Spider-Man. It’s unclear if he’s familiar with Webslinger, as Morbius doesn’t respond to the name Spider-Man. But Morbius agrees that they should try to work together.

It’s unclear if the scene is intended to lead to a sequel to “Morbius” or to a larger team-up movie. At the end of the movie, it turned out that Morbius’ fellow doctor (and love interest) Martine Bancroft also turned into a living vampire. This sets her as an ally or enemy of the next Morbius.However, as Sony continues to make movies about Spider-Man’s villains, the next “Venom 3” Madame web movie — They may be looking to a larger villain team-up movie in the future.

And in case you are wondering why Tom hollandSpider-Man does not get off the building early in the movie to take care of Morbius. It’s a little complicated. Marvel initially sold the rights to the film to Sony to the Spider-Man character and his various enemies. Tobey Maguire When Andrew Garfield Going out as Peter Parker. But when the latter series of movies didn’t work as well as the studio wanted, and Marvel’s own in-house movie (a movie starring all the Avengers) became the most popular movie in the world, Sony and Marvel were Spider-Man. To the MCU. Sony retained the rights of all “Spider-Man” villains, so they made a movie about Venom and Morbius. To explain the separation, they decided to make Sony’s film their own universe — but Garfield or Maguire Spider-Man It is unknown whether he will be Spider-Man in this universe.

Morbius End Credit Scene and MCU Connection, Description

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